Friday, September 18, 2009

Rules for Wearing Colors

Are your closets filled with plain black, white, gray, brown garments? Do you feel that your clothes look boring and old? If your answer to either of the two questions is "yes", then maybe these tips can help you put more life into dressing up, by injecting some colored pieces inside your wardrobe.

Tip #1: Accessorize with colors
Injecting colors in your wardrobe need not be restricted to the core garments. Colored accessories are a perfect way to show your playful side. Try a brightly colored belt such as bright blue, green or red. It is a fast, inexpensive and easy way to enhance all your existing outfits. Pair these with jeans and a white t-shirt or collared shirt to have a casual yet cool and light look during the day. To spice up your evening wear, you may stick with your jeans and wear on a dark blazer for a simple yet trendy gimik look.

Tip #2: Do not wear too much colors
One bold piece of color can be incredibly eye-catching, but more than one will simply leave you looking like a clown. The important thing to remember when wearing dominant pieces of color is that the rest of your outfit should be confined to neutrals and basics.

Three more tips after the jump.

Tip #3: Complement your color
The darker your skin tone, the brighter the color you can get away with. Those with very light skin should choose lighter to more medium shades, while those with very dark skin should go for brighter colors to avoid seeming washed out.

Tip #4: Layer the colors
If you’re afraid of making too bold a statement with a colored shirt or jacket, don’t be afraid of testing the your attire by layering your look a bit. In the colder months, wear a dark blazer over a colored t-shirt/collared shirt. For summer, be casually cool by layering a white polo shirt over a brightly colored shirt.

Tip #5: Explore with colors
Don’t be afraid to wear two colored pieces at once; just remember to keep them in the same color family. For example, wearing a printed long-sleeves with a solid-colored tie that complements your polo's color goes a long way in showing people you have the eyes of picking an outfit right.


I like this one. My husband wears dark cloths all the time he says it is because it does not show the the dirt!!!!!

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