Sunday, May 11, 2014

Need a strong case? Go Ballistic!

For the first time, I attended a media event in a venue that took its product's unique selling proposition into action - no fancy decorations or venue props, just simply straight to the point. That night was the launch of Ballistic Cases in the Philippines courtesy of Digits Trading, the distributor of popular gadget brands in the country.

Ballistic Case - Urbanite for Samsung Galaxy S4

Ballistic Case Co. is the pioneer of the HexTec technology which provides protective solution for smartphones and tablets. They have a whole range of protective cases from the very simple back cases called Ballistic Jewel Series to the more sophisticated water-resistant cases called the Ballistic Hydra Series. 

During the event, we were wow-ed by the strength and quality of Ballistic Cases as we saw a smartphone get tossed up and down - even from above ground of 12 feet in distance. The result? Perfectly protected smartphone! This is thanks to the HexTec Six-Sided Drop Protection technology that safeguards a smartphone from all sides and corners.

What I really like about this case is its feature of "Ballistic Corners" that can be seen from its raised lips and corners. This feature is tried and tested to protect the corners of the smartphones that in turn protect the screen from cracking.

Apart from that, Ballistic cases have perforated holes inside called "beads" that allow the battery to breathe, preventing the phone from heating up quickly. What's more, it has an anti-scratch coating that helps the case stay nice-looking all the time. 

Ballistic cases come in seven product series - Jewel, Urbanite, Tough Jacket, Tough Jacket Maxx, Every1, Hard Core, and Hydra - and in different colors to match your style and needs. These cases are made with polycarbonate hard shell, which is the same material as bike helmets. Prices range from as cheap as Php990 to Php3,650. Cases are available for most of the latest Samsung and Apple smartphones, as well as Apple tablets.

Ballistic Case - Hydra for iPhone 5s

In the Philippines, Ballistic cases are available at the following stores: Digital Hub, Beyond the Box, Quick Sound, Celplus, Datalink Technologies, District 32, Ecentral Cellphone Electronics, iGig, iStore, iCenter, iStudio, Switch, iBook, JMB Albay, Lenin Computer System, Mobile 1, Seatec, Wellworth, Sync, Technopop, Urbanize, and Vertex.


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