Monday, March 11, 2013

Simplism Handy Cover Set for iPad Mini

It's quite exciting - the first time you get your hands on a gadget that you've been eyeing for so long. You save up for it, you skip meals, you sacrifice buying other things just to have more money to put in for that new tablet. The day comes that you finally have enough to buy your coveted toy, when suddenly, the worst happens: out of your excitement, you turn a corner, bump a wall and dent your beautiful new tablet.

Protecting your investment is always top priority, and in this case it makes sense to buy a case. There are a variety of cases today available for the iPad mini, ranging from the elegant to the heavy duty, and the most difficult choice to make is usually how you compromise between protection and aesthetics.

You usually have to ask yourself, "Do I want something that will turn heads when I'm out but won't survive a strong impact, or something that will really keep my tablet safe but is ultimately bulky and heavy?" What I have today is somewhere right smack in between -- enter the Simplism Handy Cover Case


True to its brand name, the case features a simplistic, yet elegant design. It comes in a brown faux leather pattern and also feels like the real thing. The case is also accented by a white stitch across the back, which adds to the feel of elegance. 

In terms of function, the Simplism Handy Cover set doesn't disappoint either. The coverage of the case is pretty good, ensuring that all four corners are protected while allowing easy access to the ports and buttons of the iPad mini. It also provides a snug fit to make sure that there's no chance of the tablet separating from the case unexpectedly.

A little extra that you'll find in the case is where it gets its namesake from -- in the back, you'll find a small flexible band which will allow you to slip your hand in and make it more secure to hold your tablet while in use. It's pretty useful, especially if you have a tendency to be clumsy.

With the case, you also get a few nifty accessories that come along with it. You get: a screen protector, a dust removing tape, a card leveler (for squeezing out bubbles), a cleaning cloth, and a multi-purpose stand. The stand is pretty useful, as it allows you to hold the iPad in two ways: either vertically for reading, or horizontally for typing, watching movies or as a picture frame.

The Simplism Handy Cover also claims to be 99% anti-bacterial, which of course can't really be practically tested, but will be very useful considering that most tablet owners don't bother cleaning their gadgets.

Overall, the case is certainly a good compromise between form and function. It looks clean, simple yet eye-catching, and at the same time provides good protection for your iPad mini while allowing easy grip to keep it even secure.

Suggested Retail Price of Simplism Handy Cover Set: Php1,299

Available in the following resellers:
  • Avant
  • Beyond The Box
  • Digital Hub
  • Digital Walker
  • E-Central
  • Electroworld
  • Gadgets in Style
  • Globotel
  • Gui
  • iBook
  • iCenter
  • iGig
  • iStore
  • iStudio
  • Lenin Computer System
  • Liteware
  • Meetrovi Mobile Shop
  • Mobile 1
  • Octagon
  • Podworx
  • Power Hub
  • SencoLink
  • Sidrah
  • Silicon Valley
  • Switch
  • Technoholics
  • The A. Shop
  • The Inbox Store
  • Wow Mobile
  • LMK
  • Games and Gadgets
  • Astrovision/Astroplus
  • Vertex, Rockwell
  • Fortress
  • Additekh
  • Banana Telecom

Editor's Note: This article was written by Arbi Bautista, a special writer and contributor of Glich's Life. Arbi is an IT Consultant in one of the biggest global IT companies. He is a music and photography enthusiast, and a great public speaker too. Revisions to this article were done by yours truly prior to posting. You can follow Arbi on Twitter (@sowhatifimmaria). - Glenn / Glich


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