Sunday, December 9, 2012

QRIUS Affordable and Unique Gift Ideas

A few more days left before Christmas and you haven't even started your Christmas shopping yet? Don't fret! I have recently discovered QRIUS, a brand that carries products from Quirky, Blue Lounge, Basupo, Kichito and more!

Qrius made me curious. Taking a peek at their website QRIUS.PH, I see that they have various  items on home and living, kitchen, bath and digital accessories, which are by the way very affordable and useful.

The Home and Living items of Qrius are the ones that can make our lives more organized and manageable. The prices range from Php280 to Php3,500. Click here to view other products.

For the Kitchen section, they have products that can aid in making meal preparations faster and helping the kitchen look cleaner. Prices range from Php220 to Php2,200. Click here to view other products.

Onto the Bath section, Qrius offers items that can help in maintaining a cleaner and sleeker comfort room. Prices range from Php350 to Php1,200. Click here to view other products.

Last section is on Digital Accessories, where most of my interest is. From cable management tools to docking stations, Qrius prices for these items range from Php230 to Php2,800. Click here to view other products.

Below are some of the items I was able to use. 

The first one that I fell in love with is called the Stickypad (Php380). It's a thin yellow-green sticky mat that securely holds sunglasses, mobile phones, coins, paper, etc whether placed in the car or outside the refrigerator. Pictured above is my BlackBerry Bold 9700 on my dashboard, which didn't fall at all amidst humps and bumps. The Stickypad comes in mini, small, and medium in black, yellow-green, and white colors.

Next up is the Wrapster (Php290) that double functions as an iPhone stand and an ear bud holder for management of cords. It's very lightweight and pocket-friendly, and works very well for its purpose. The colors available are white, charcoal, purple, and blue.

The Bandits (Php450) are rubber materials that are very much useful for areas without hooks. You can wrap it around your items, put it around poles to allow you to hang watches, ID laces and keys or use it altogether to connect to form a bigger band. It comes with four large, three medium, and three small bands.

With Qrius' Minidock (Php890), you now have the option to charge your iPod or iPhone without laying it on a dirty table or floor. Simply connect one end with USB to the Apple charger and dock the iPod or iPhone to start charging. With its small size, it's easy to lug around when traveling.

Last but not the least are the Cordlets (Php430), which help manage cords. Each box comes with a set of four adhesive cord anchors/wraps in either charcoal or white color.

I highly recommend Qrius as gift items this holiday season, because their products have the "oomph" factor, functionality, and good price tag. In addition, their items are of excellent quality and make, simple yet elegant.

Got interested? Don't forget to check out their website at or their physical kiosks at the 3rd Floor of Power Plant Mall in Rockwell, Rustan's Shangri-la and Rustan's Makati. They offer free shipping for orders Php1,000 and up, as well as gift wrapping services of Php100 per checkout.

3/f Power Plant Mall, Rockwell
Rustan's Shangri-la
Rustan's Makati


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