Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Camera Leads A New Chapter of Photography

Samsung introduces another breakthrough product called the Galaxy Camera, the same night the Philippines officially welcomed the Galaxy Note 2. This new device enables the user to not just shoot photos, but do a whole lot more!

The Samsung Galaxy Camera creates a totally new experience. It has combined Google's Android Jelly Bean operating system and a 16-megapixel camera. More than just a digital camera that captures vivid, high-quality images and videos, it also allows instant editing and sharing of images via wireless network connectivity

With a 4.8 inches, 1280x720 pixel multi-touchscreenthe Galaxy Camera provides capability to surf, chat, watch movie, and play too. Apart from being Wi-Fi capable, we can also put in a data SIM into the camera and we're good to go in downloading the apps from the Google Play Store - yes, it's 3G capable.

Not the entire camera is touch screen. There are several physical buttons (power, zoom, flash, and shutter release) that remind us it's still mainly a camera more than anything else.

The Samsung Galaxy Camera packs a 1.4GHz quad-core processor, which makes the user interface move so smoothly. It also boasts of a 21x optical zoom, which makes its very handy and convenient to shoot subjects that are very far away. Zooming in and out can be done via the physical button or through the touch screen.

The camera's internal memory can store up to 8GB of music, videos, files, photos, etc., but can still be expandable by using a microSD card. At the left side is a 3.5mm audio jack and the microUSB port for charging and data transfer. Meanwhile, the bottom consists of the battery house, HDMI port, SIM and microSD card slots.

Shooting photos and videos often leave its user wondering how to adjust the settings in order to get the best quality. While there is a Manual mode where we can master our knowledge in shutter speed, aperture size, etc, the Samsung Galaxy Camera also has an Smart Pro mode. As such, shooting glowing trails and patterns from car lights, as an example, is so much easy by simply selecting the Light Trace setting. There are a lot more settings that we can play with in the camera.

On the other hand, video recording is set to 1920x1080 pixels, high definition, at 30 frames per second. However, we can also shoot slow motion videos at 720x480 pixels, at a rate of 120fps.

Built into the camera is a Photo Wizard that gives more than 30 options to touch up or calibrate our photos. There's also a Movie Wizard that allows us to edit videos on the go. In addition, it also features the Smart Content Manager, which takes care of organizing the camera's contents into folders.

The Samsung Galaxy Camera is the first of its kind. The Korean manufacturer is surely leading the way in this new chapter of photography. Some people might be turned off by its huge and thick size, but if you're looking for something unique and functional in so many ways, the Samsung Galaxy Camera can surely give you a bang for the buck.

Upon initial testing, the image quality is above average. I can't say much though if the environment has a low lighting condition. But knowing that I can do so many things other than capturing special moments, it can really be a great birthday and Christmas present to many. The camera costs Php23,990, and will be available in Black and White


What i wanna see though is the quality of photos it takes,

Unfortunately I wasn't able to take it home. Sayang!

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