Sunday, June 10, 2012

Singapore: Oasia Hotel in Novena

Back in May, I was sent by my company to Singapore for a two-week business trip. Wanting to cut down on transportation costs, we booked at Oasia Hotel in Novena, which is just across our client's office building.

Apart from being so near to the where we worked at during those two weeks, the location of Oasia Hotel is also very convenient. A few walks away are malls such Novena Square and Velocity, where numerous shops and restaurants are available. Also across the hotel is the Novena Medical Center, and another hospital called Tan Tock Seng Hospital a few blocks away.

Checking into the hotel was a breeze. The staffs were friendly and accommodating. They simply asked us to show our passport, fill up a form, swipe our credit card for incidentals (not yet charging to the card), then immediately gave us the room key.

As usual, check in time is at 2pm, but we were already able to check in two hours earlier; guess we're in luck! The key card is important because we needed to tap it in the elevator before being able to press the floor number.

The room is beautiful. It looks very neat and simple, but there's still that elegance in it. There were twin beds (since two of us were sharing the room), and another long couch where we used to put our bags and things on. Across the bed is a table with bright light, which we used when working or reading.

The room actually has everything we needed. We used the flat screen Samsung TV to check the weather forecast and running bill, watch television shows and series connected via hard drive. There's also a cabinet with lots of hangers, a couple of hotel slippers and laundry bags, a safety box, and an iron board with iron. We also had a hair dryer and an iPod docking entertainment system on the side.

Our room's comfort room is also nice in all white colors. We had an option to use the normal shower or a rain shower while either sitting down or not. The towels, basic toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, cotton buds, cotton pads, etc.) and the water bottles were being changed everyday.

Oasia Hotel has a nice pool area. It's actually huge! There are several beach chairs around the side, a lap pool on the center, a kiddie pool on the left side and a jacuzzi on the right. Viewed from the floors above, the whole thing looks like a beach resort. Open till 10pm, some of my colleagues were still able to use it to relax after a long day's work.

Located on the same floor as the pool area is the gym facility. Its size is just okay - neither too big nor too small. There are three treadmills, two transports, and two bike machines that actually had games to keep our minds occupied while we exercise away.

There are towelettes at the back as well as small water bottles, which conveniently allows whoever the guest is to work out and not get dehydrated. Very wise! We can actually work out anytime, since it's open 24 hours everyday.

They also have several dumbbells on the side and two machines that can work out several body parts. At the back is the shower room, some lockers, and a steam room. We needed to bring our key card before being able to get into the gym. 

The rate we paid for back then was 270 SGD/night, which does not include breakfast and internet connection. Since we were on business trip and trying to keep expenses at the minimum, we just paid extra for internet connection (1 payment per gadget) if only necessary.

My two week stay at Oasia Hotel was definitely worthwhile. The hotel has all basic facilities we needed and they have provided us with a comfortable stay overall. Again, the location is great as it is near the office building, malls, hospitals, and the MRT.

Check out Oasia Hotel's website to get more information about their other room types, rates and reservations.


With a review like this, you could very well be a travel blogger. Nice photos man. :)

Thanks, Lloyd! I would love to be a travel blogger - just don't have the connections and the time to actually travel. :)

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