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Singapore: Master Crab Seafood Restaurant, The Crab Specialist

I was in Singapore a few weeks ago for an official business trip. I didn't like much of the food there, except for a very few dishes - yeah, I know many of you may wonder why. Anyway, I felt very fortunate that on our last dinner, our Project Manager (PM) treated us at Master Crab Seafood Restaurant located in Ghim Moh Road. 

Master Crab has 10 branches, but this is the one familiar to our PM. Since it is quite far, we just took a cab from  Novena to save our efforts and energies after a tiring day. However, if you want to take the train, you can opt to go down at the Buona Vista MRT station, then walk to the restaurant, which is about 0.57KM away.

Singapore is known for having several hawker-type of eateries. You'd see a common area for eating (tables and chairs are on a first come first served basis) and several stalls around selling different types of dishes. Order whatever you like and they'll bring it on your table. 

Since all of us were first timers and didn't know what to order, the task was delegated to our PM. To make everything easier, he then decided to order from the set menu. Without further ado, presenting to you our dishes for the night...

The star of the night, Salted Egg Crabs. The sauce, colored golden-yellow from the egg's yolk, is very much rich and tasty. As the famous Filipino line goes, "sauce pa lang ulam na," this dish really had the praises of everyone. I love how the texture of the salted egg and the crab meat goes together so harmoniously, as if eating is singing. 

You might wonder why we didn't get the usual chili crabs. Well, our PM said the salted egg variant is more delicious. He didn't disappoint. It was indeed yummy and fresh!

Stewed Abalone with Black Mushroom wasn't bad at all. The pieces of broccoli were cooked just right, stewed together with succulent, huge black mushrooms and topped with abalone. This resembles a popular Chinese food we usually order in Manila, sans the black hair and other vegetables.

Their Steamed Fish with Garlic and Ginger was a bit shocking in size. Lying on a light mix of soy sauce and mixed with garlic and ginger, this fish dish was a good ball breaker from all the other viands that had much stronger taste.

Several pieces of prawns were buried under this Cereal Prawns dish. It wasn't as yummy as that of Wee Nam Kee's popular prawn dish, but it wasn't that bad as well. Just okay!

Sauteed Asparagus with Scallops was one of my favorites for the night. To start with, I love asparagus and scallops, so mixing them together in one dish made me really happy. The scallops tasted very fresh even if we dined in at late night already. In addition, the asparagus was cooked to perfection, still a bit crunchy just the way I like it. It was more on the asparagus and less of the scallops in terms of pieces, but it's all good.

This is the so called Salad Fitters. I heard it has thinly chopped, mixed seafood formed into a cube or ball. But what? I didn't like it very much. I wasn't able to determine if it's pork, chicken, seafood or what. Blah! But I'd eat it anytime I feel terribly hungry. It's still food anyway, lah?

The Pork's Ribs dish had several pieces of pork cooked in tenderness. It comes with a special sauce that tastes a bit sweet. I find it a bit too oily though. Another just-okay dish.

We ended the meal with the menu's inclusive dessert, which I don't know the name. It was a mixture of sweet soup, longan fruit, and some brownish jelly. Some of my colleagues didn't like it, but I did. It resembles the taste of gulaman with additional flavors.

We were all smiles after dinner, because we really enjoyed the food! To recap, the set menu had 9 items all in all - all those I've mentioned above plus Seafood Fried Rice. The whole set is good for 10 pax, priced at 368 SGD (~Php12,581 or Php1,258/pax). We had to add a couple of bucks for the peanut appetizer and wet towels.

And oh, we added about 5 SGD for the Mantou, which we dipped onto the sauce of the Salted Egg Crabs. Yummy!

By the way, you can also order ala carte menu. Each dish usually comes in different sizes. The price range of all their menu items are from 6 SGD to 46 SGD, depending on the size and type of food. Meanwhile, crabs and fish prices may vary per day.

This is how our table looked life after dinner. Woooohooo! Thanks again to our PM for the treat at Master Crab Seafood Restaurant. It was definitely a worthwhile wait and a great cap off to the two-weeks business trip.

Master Crab Seafood Restaurant - Ghim Moh Road
Blk 19 Ghim Moh Road #01-229
Singapore 270019
Phone: 6314 1868
Business Hours: 3pm - 1:30am (Monday-Sunday)

Other Master Crab Branches:
Master Crab Seafood Restaurant - Punggol Field
108 Punggol Field #01-01
Singapore 820108
Phone: 6425 8079

Master Crab Seafood Restaurant - Punggol Dr
639 Punggol Drive #01-07
Singapore 820639
Phone: 6425 9435

Master Crab Seafood Restaurant - Compassvale Link
277C Compassvale Link #01-13
Singapore 544277
Phone: 6555 6515

Master Crab Seafood Restaurant - Choa Chu Kang
Blk 475 Choa Chu Kang Ave 3 #01-31
Singapore 680475
Phone: 6764 9487


For Singapore food it's actually okay :)

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