Saturday, February 4, 2012

Coke Elects Caloy as President for Happiness

Correct me if I’m wrong – whenever we hear of soft drinks or soda, it is Coca-Cola / Coke that immediately comes to mind. It’s really true to me especially that I have grown up to watch Coke commercials that always leave a memorable, good impression.

Remember the commercials with the hand gesture craze “eto ang beat sabay-sabay, eto ang beat walang sablay…” and the Nikki Gil song “sana’y masabi sa awit kong ito, lahat ng ninanais nitong puso ko…”? I salute their marketing and advertising folks for coming up with such awesome ideas.

This 2012 as Coke marks its 100th year, they are once again introducing something extraordinary. They have elected a President for Happiness whose name is Caloy.

From the first time I heard about what Coke will be doing, I was wondering what Caloy will be up to. Hello, President is such a huge responsibility. And a President for Happiness – something that is intangible and dwells on a person’s emotions – is quite hard to deliver.

But Caloy took on the challenge. Apparently, his role as a President for Happiness seems to be very exciting yet challenging. Caloy’s task is to implement programs that will make Filipinos – you and me – happy. I’m sure that he is nervous about this, but nevertheless is also excited about his new position.

I heard that Caloy likes to dream and come up with big ideas. Although he is still quite unsure of what he’ll do, he already has some crazy ideas like “mag-paulan ng Coke galing sa helicopter” among others. For sure his role will not be easy, but Caloy keeps a positive outlook that he can help Filipinos to be happy.

As Caloy's first act, he directed his cabinet members to give FREE COKE to everyone. It happens February 4, 1:30-4:30pm in several participating outlets.

Check out Caloy’s “Happyologist” commercial at You can also follow him at Facebook ( or Twitter (!/Coke_HappyPrez).


I'm not so sure about that. :)

love it.. bongga ang trit mu sa buong bansa we love u CALOY SALAMAT  COcaCOLA


love q tlaga ang dhil ky caloy! super crush ko tlaga xa grave!

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