Monday, January 30, 2012

Memo Tube Makes Reminders Fun and Easy

A surprise delivery came to my office last Friday in the form of a colorful box containing the Memo Tube

The box description saying it's a handy electronic note taker that lets me record video messages and reminders got me really excited to open it. I never knew such device existed. And for me who always writes a note on the refrigerator's door for the house helper to see the next morning, this device is surely going to be useful!

The Memo Tube comes with the unit, a USB cable that acts as the charger, a photo tray, and a User Guide booklet. The gadget itself has a magnetic back cover, which can be very convenient to attach to the fridge. The photo tray can be used as an additional accessory - basically, I can insert photos to the tray, so that I can easily identify the person I am addressing the video message to. Cool!

Light and handy, this cool electronic memo recorder has five buttons in front for power on/off, playback and pause, start/stop recording, left and right arrows to browse through the video messages. On the top front of the 1.77 inch LCD screen is the built-in video camera. At the right portion is a speaker (vertical hole) and a microphone (small circular hole). 

The Memo Tube is charged (about 1.2 hours)  through its mini USB1.1 port at the bottom. On the right side is also a slot for an SD card up to 32GB, which allows me to store as many memos as I want. Without an SD card, though, I can still record one (1) 30-seconder video message. Not bad if I just leave one message a day.

Aside from the fact that I can directly record my messages from the Memo Tube, I can also grab an video in AVI format from my computer and transfer it through USB as well. Oh, the Memo Tube is supported in Windows and Mac operating systems, so it would definitely not be a problem.

Now that I have a Memo Tube, I'd get to save trees for the paper and writing efforts every night. I just have to record my reminder and the house help will just play it back the next morning. High tech!

Memo Tube is being sold for SRP Php1,700 at the following stores:
  • A3 Ace Business
  • ARX Computer Center
  • AVX
  • Earl Toy World
  • Easy PC - multiple branches
  • Ehome Trading
  • Electronics Botique - multiple branches
  • Microstation - multiple branches
  • MLY Enterprises
  • Softbox Solutions
  • Spectra
  • Watts Hi Fi
  • Xsite Mobile


I want one! This will be very useful in my life. And it's quite affordable, too, so that' s a plus! :)

Yes! So cool nga eh! Wala pa akong nabibiling SD card, so 1 video at a time muna. Hehe

ok to. bagay sa wife ko na madalas makalimot, lol

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