Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Globe's *143# Eliminates the Need to Remember Keywords and Access Numbers

First disclaimer, 143 is NOT a joke. These are digits we can easily remember, just like how we easily think of the words "I love you."
If you're like me who gets stressed at trying to remember a whole lot of keywords and service numbers before being able to transact with Globe (i.e. activation and deactivation of BBMAX, getting unbilled charges, etc.), then this *143# (read as star one four three pound) is for you, just as it is for me.

What is *143#?
Globe's *143# is a user-friendly and easy-to-use self-service menu, accessible in all generations of mobile phones (i.e. Nokia 1100 to BlackBerry 9780 to iPhone 4s, etc.). This will allow us to quickly get information on promos and offers. It will also help us with basic account management and subscription transactions without the need to remember complex keywords or varying access numbers.

How to access *143#?
Available to both Postpaid and Prepaid subscribers, using this all-new *143# is very easy. Follow the three steps below. Note that the screenshot might be different if you're a prepaid subscriber.

  1. To access the menu, you just need to dial *143# and press the call button on your phone.

  2. Using the services and making selections is simple as well. Just enter the corresponding number of your preferred option and follow the clear directions prompted on the screen.

  3. Once a transaction is completed, the session will automatically end and you will receive a text message to confirm the transaction
In the example above, I wanted to know my unbilled charges, but have forgotten the access number to send it to. With *143#, all I had to do was follow the instructions. In less than 2 minutes, I have the information I need already.

What can you get?
Globe Postpaid Subscribers
  • Retrieve information on Balances and Unbilled Charges
  • Promo registration, deactivation and status checking for Call, Text, Data, and International Promos
  • Other services like GCASH transactions, Downloads, and Share-A-Load
Globe Prepaid Subscribers
  • Check balance and reload account via Call card (Enter 10 Digit Call Card Number)
  • Promo registration, deactivation and status checking for Call, Text, Data, and Roaming Promos
  • Other services like GCASH transactions, Downloads, and Share-A-Load
What else do you need to know?
  • Accessing the menu is absolutely FREE of charge when in the Philippines.
    • It does not require us any maintaining balance to use the menu.
    • The menu is accessible even without load/credits. As long as you have signal (like doing a regular call) and using a Globe SIM card.
    • Postpaid subscribers with temporarily disconnected lines will not be allowed to use the menu. As long as we can do outgoing calls, we can access the menu.

  • For now, it is only available to Globe prepaid and postpaid subscribers. TM subscribers will also get the same feature sometime in 2012.

  • When roaming, the menu is STILL accessible anywhere in the world as long as we're using Globe SIM and roaming with a Globe partner. In addition, take note of the following:
    • Accessing the menu is FREE of charge even when roaming. However, prevailing roaming SMS rates may apply if we are roaming in countries that charge incoming messages.

  • If we get disconnected at some point, we can call *143# again and resume where we left off within the three minutes grace period.
  • A time-out duration has been set on the menu, where the session automatically closes after a set period of inactivity. This helps prevent incidences of anyone trying to hog the call/sms bandwidth over the menu.

Since I learned about *143#, it has been effortless for me to do simple inquiries and service modifications. I really love Globe, because they think of how to improve the experience of customers. They might not be  the best company, but they surely strive hard to provide what can better the experience of their subscribers.

Today, I know for sure that this tool might not be perfect, but I'm assured that they are continuously studying it and hopefully developing more modules for us.

Since dialing *143# works like a normal call, I was a bit worried that this might clog the network. I'm glad that Globe has thoroughly considered the capacity and will be ready to expand it, should the need arise. Also, since *143# operates under the same business rules as before, the same guidelines against spamming/abuse/fair-use will still apply.

I am very excited on what's more to come with *143# and Globe customer service per se. I will surely keep you guys updated on any word I get.


For my unit, Nokia X2 I don't have to dial the 143. The menu is already there. It's a very basic feature but quite handy!

not working on motorola q9h...

Really? I was told it will work on any phone? Maybe you can try again - dial *143# then press call.

not working on my lumia 800.. it say session terminated.. but why?

Try again. Might be a network problem that time you tried it. :)

Nokia Philippines
Hi Kim! Unfortunately, Globe has not configured their menu for the Nokia Lumia. Please contact Globe directly for further updates through Twitter (@talk2globe or @enjoyglobe). T_T

Napaka dali po gamitin ng 143 Globe. Para lang kayo tatawag sa isang tao na phone number e 143. Kung kailangan nyo talaga ng step by step tutorial with pictures, ito po ang link: Dial 143 Globe Telecoms

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