Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Globe Intros Three New Customer Service Channels to Subscribers

I have been a Globe subscriber all my life, since SMS started more than a decade ago. Since then, it has always been the case that I dial their hotline 730-1000 in any landline or their 211 number via mobile before I am able to ask for help on my Globe concerns.

However, due to the changing times and the on-the-go lifestyle of consumers, Globe wanted to give its subscribers the flexibility of how to reach them for customer support. Currently, we can reach them thru Facebook, Twitter, Email, and Hotline. But just recently, they have introduced three more customer service options - Web Chat, Yahoo Messenger Chat, and SMS.

Through these multiple channels, we can now ask for help wherever we are, whether we have a phone or not, while we're online at home/office or on the road. Let me list them down:

Web Chat
Some of us might say, "oh this is not new!" Yes, you're right. I remember seeing this feature in Globe's website before, but they have previously pulled it out for enhancements.

Now that it's back, it's even better. It now has a more user-friendly interface and a self-help functionality. Add to that an improved system performance that gives better customer experience.

We just need to head on to Globe's website ( and click on the Talk2GLOBE tab on the menu. From there, we can choose to chat with a support specialist where options will be available to us in an instant.

What's good about this feature is that we no longer have to sign in or have an account in order to get support. And even if we get disconnected, but gets reconnected within 2 minutes, the same agent will chat with us - as long as we don't close the window. 

If we're given a ticket number prior to disconnection, we can just enter it by clicking on Agent.

Yahoo Messenger (YM) Chat
This is really new! If you're like me who's always connected to Yahoo Messenger via mobile phone (thanks to BBMAX) or iPad (thanks to Tattoo MiFi), we don't have to go to Globe's website for support anymore. Globe has leveraged on this popular chat software to provide support to millions of subscribers.

Simply add Talk2GlobeChat as YM buddy, and we can get help there. Unlike Web Chat, though, where options will instantly be available upon opening of chat window, we need to type in any word for the menu to be presented to us. 

SMS Help
Undoubtedly, the Philippines is the text capital of Southeast Asia or even the world! With our mobile phones always at hand, we can request for and find self-help wherever we are - as long as there's signal, of course. 

Just text HELP to 1234 for FREE and a reply of the menu will be sent to us. Be patient in selecting the keywords one after another, as Globe has placed several category levels to assist us to the specific concern we are looking for.

The three new channels will cater to all after-sales concerns of Globe subscribers. Replies are real-time and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

In my opinion, nothing beats talking to a customer service representative personally via phone. However, if we are asked to wait for several minutes already, using the Web Chat, YM Chat, and SMS Help can be faster, especially that Globe agents are assigned to a maximum of four customers each for chat and SMS. Don't worry, Globe did a study on the 4:1 ratio and found it to be ideal.

Other Customer Service Channels
  1. Facebook
  2. Go to the Globe Telecom Facebook Page and easily comment on any of the Wall Posts, since this is regularly monitored by the customer representatives.
    We can also go directly to the Talk2GLOBE tab, so we can fill up a form, which goes directly to the support team for support fulfillment. Responses will be sent to the email address we have identified.

  3. Twitter
  4. Ask questions and tag @Talk2Globe on Twitter. Responses will be mentioned in Public, but will eventually be placed through Direct Message once confidential details are needed to continue support.

    Don't be confused on what to Twitter ID to use. @Talk2Globe is for support and customer service purposes, while @enjoyGLOBE is for marketing-related purposes and concerns.

  5. Email
  6. Send an email to [email protected] and expect a response within 24-48 hours.

  7. Talk2Globe Hotline
  8. The good old hotline will always be there. From any landline, dial 730-1000 or hit 211 using a mobile phone subscribed to Globe.


@talk2globe is so cool. Fastest way to contact Globe. Keep it up!

Yup! And now there's more options :D

we want to ask that,why in superunli25 or superunli150 there is maximum usage?

as we know that it is "unlimited"....we can use it anytime...

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