Wednesday, June 29, 2011

HP Managed Print Service provides tremendous benefits to enterprises

Do you still have the notion that Hewlett-Packard (HP) is just a printer or laptop brand? Believe me, they are more than that. It has transformed from plainly being a hardware manufacturer into an organization that provides a full range of solution and services for everyone.

Fresh from a very short but fulfilling Singapore trip, HP introduced very profound and interesting innovations that are very useful to today’s enterprises and organizations. They have extended their Managed Print Service leadership by coming up with several new capabilities. All of these aim to aid enterprises in lowering costs and at the same time exponentially increasing productivity and profitability over time.

Validated by customers and industry analysts, HP is the enterprise choice for managed services around the world. It is the global leader in imaging and printing solutions for large organizations too. Combining its technical expertise, reliable products and solution sets, customers are able to get the best results at an optimized cost.

Solutions that matter to enterprises are what HP is proud to offer. “Our approach is looking at an organization’s total fleet of printers, fax, scanners and copiers, and helping organizations optimize their infrastructure, manage their environment and improve their workflow,” said Pierre Mirlesse, Vice President, Managed Enterprise Solutions, Imaging & Printing Group, Hewlett-Packard Asia Pacific & Japan.

ePrint for Enterprise
Cloud computing is one of the areas that HP has been working on as of late. The Cloud is continuously revolutionizing how technology and electronic devices work hand in hand.

For businesses with on-the-go employees who need access to contents from their smartphones, the HP ePrint Enterprise is now available on Android, iPhone, BlackBerry and HP webOS devices. Mirlesse highlights their innovation saying, “It is all about enabling the demand, developing supply, creating marketplace, and allowing demand and supply to be connected together – whether it’s for the enterprise or home.”

Making use of a few touches and clicks from the smartphone, workers are able to select the content they want to print, search and select a cloud-enabled printer available in the environment, and print securely by entering a PIN. It’s fast, easy and very convenient.

While consumers can use HP’s cloud in public environments, an enterprise may utilize a server operated within their environment. As such, it gives assurance that private data and information are not compromised at any time. This technology enables to improve productivity through mobile access to print without data ever leaving a secure network.

Enterprise Content Management
The recent deal of HP with Hyland, a new solution business partner, has opened opportunities for enterprises to leverage on its enterprise content management suite called OnBase.

With the use of this software, document intensive business processes can be managed with more ease. Just by using the existing infrastructure with scanning capability, workflows may be started by converting paper base information to digital format then sending them through the cloud via Hyland’s OnBase, and making that information available in the cloud for customers, mobile workforce, supplies or financial partners.

FutureSmart and OXP
If there’s anything organizations need to do today, it’s to find the best partner that can bring solutions that are flexible, beneficial and tailor-fitted to their processes and workflows.

Open Extensibility Platform (OXP) and FutureSmart are HP’s answers for the enterprise to accomplish more tasks yet spending less. It enables the management of environment, where an organization is able to manage several devices and its installed solutions with just a single tool that works for all.

Whether you want to put restrictions on who gets to print what, schedule devices to power on and off at certain time to reduce carbon footprints and electricity costs, or enable workflows to start from the machine, all of these are possible.

In addition, HP has come up with a ‘universal print driver’ that enables the enterprise to install, use, and update several devices without the burden of going to each device to configure firmware updates one after another. It even supports remote manageability, which really enhances productivity and efficiency at its best.

You can do all these and more right from your device: send scanned documents to multiple people, scan and save it straight to USB, trigger travel expense workflow (scan receipt/s and start a workflow to send to finance, manager and mailbox) or preview scanned pages to check and organize before sending. It’s really that smart and customizable!

Ink in the Enterprise
A quick laser versus ink printer demo left us in awe after seeing the latter win the competition in terms of quality and speed. The printed output was fully soaked in water for five minutes. To our surprise, there was no sign of smudging or disappearing ink. That’s why we all bid goodbye to the long mentality that laser is better than ink, thanks to the new HP Officejet Pro 8000 Enterprise.

Pierre Mirlesse firmly notes, “Inkjet is taking office space by storm. Inkjet has really transformed industries such as digital format printing, outdoor signage. The capability of this technology allows significant improvement for the enterprise in particular by cutting costs up to 50% versus color laser, by using 50% less energy. Speed is also amazing and significantly higher than a color laser in the market.”

The HP Officejet Pro 8000 Enterprise is best for office environments with small work teams of one to five employees, as well as for key executives who work in one-to-one environments.

The past several years have proven HP to be the best choice for imaging and printing. Given their leadership in the market, they did not stop creating value to its products and services by focusing and investing in what businesses and customers actually need.

Today, Managed Print Service is really a fast growing market. It has enabled enterprises to grow rapidly, attract customers and at the same time reduce cost. With HP bringing complete solution (hardware, software, supplies, services, etc.) to organizations, we are assured to reap huge benefits in terms of security, going green, remote manageability and enterprise content management.

This article is my nineteenth contribution to Manila Bulletin -- one of Philippines' leading broadsheets -- published on June 29, 2011 (Wednesday) in the Tech 101 Section. You can view the PDF version here.

Posted here is the original piece I have submitted. Some latter portions of the original piece were cut off in the publication due to space limitations.


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