Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Of Blogging and Switching

What would the world do if there were no writers, whether on newspapers or online journals? What would you do if everything had a fixed state and no amount of efforts or decisions can change the current situation, well, except natural disasters?

Fortunately, what we actually have in real life are the opposites of these questions.

Blogging – Writing speaks louder than thoughts

Yours truly was not born a writer. With persistent reading and writing, I was able to hone my skills in coming up with outputs I can call as masterpiece. Gone are the days when manual typewriters would cause calluses and make a writer waste liquid erasers plus papers due to trial and error. Thanks to technology such as computers and tablets, where we can just press Shift+Arrow+Backspace or go to File-New to start all over again. As a matter of fact, this article had its share of highlights and deletes too!

Imagine back in the 17th century when journalists had to write all their contents by hand. How tiring can that get! But they still did it, because they have the passion for writing. Just the same, bloggers with passion have completely improved the meaning of blogging, as it has shifted from only being a person’s online journal of day-to-day activities into a very useful medium for information dissemination; thus calling it as one of the new media avenues.

From travel and food raves to gym and surgery experiences, intelligent thinkers nowadays do not just keep their thoughts to themselves, but rather write them down online to serve as documentation, cook book or proof for anyone who has access to the Internet to read.

Blogs have also helped writers earn extra bucks through various advertorial campaign programs. To prove, yours truly was able to purchase a brand new mobile phone through aggregated blog earnings overtime, which will be tackled in the succeeding paragraphs.

Switching – New gadget drives new learning
Ever since mobile phones have sprouted like mushrooms do, I have already placed my loyalty to just one and only brand, Nokia. Through the years, changing of mobile phone brands occurred, but I always go back to what I think is the most user-friendly and feature-packed mobile phone brand.

However, this 2011, a big switch happened to me, just like the surprises that happen in reality TV shows. I finally gave up my Nokia phone and jumped into using BlackBerry. The switch was not that easy I tell you, since the love for Nokia built overtime is not simple to let go. But I still did it. Why? It came to a realization that we should not limit ourselves to a single brand alone. With new gadgets that come our way, we will surely gain new learning and experiences from them also.

I surmised BlackBerry would not be BlackBerry if without for any reason. Most of my friends have switched, so why would I allow myself to be left behind, when we can communicate easier with the use BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) and push email? It is an exciting gadget to try out and learn from in the succeeding weeks to come.

Do not worry, I still support and love Nokia. But for now, I guess the features of BlackBerry are what I need most. Who knows? In time, I might just be back to Nokia.

Wrapping Up
Change is inevitable. Life, as they say, evolves in such a way that it surprises us in one moment and then disappoints us in a snap of a finger. It all really depends on our decisions on how ready and firm we are to take on opportunities and challenges that come our way. Do not be afraid to try things out – switch and go back if you need to; write and share if you want to – just remember that technology is just an aid, but it all boils down to passion.

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Blogosphere changes so fast within the last few years for good reasons. With these changes, I think, we must also ask how we can change the world through blogging, or how could we make change in the world of blogging.

Hahaha! I remember when I used a typewriter. My pinky fingers are slightly bent and I blame the typewriter for it. :D

same here. im more of a reader than a writer. i never thought i would love writing.

as for switching, i chose android after nokia and i think it was a good move on my part. i still keep my trusty cheap nokia phone as backup though.

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