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Asian Food Fever Lands at Coco Asian Kitchen

February 7, 2011 saw me together with The Foodie Club at one of the food chains located inside Promenade, Greenhills. Thanks to my friend Chris and the owners of Coco Asian Kitchen for generously welcoming us that night.

Two of the four owners - Steve (L) and Andrew (R)

You might have remembered Coco Asian Kitchen a few years back when it was still in Banawe, Quezon City. In December 2009, the four owners (former Xavierians and Lasallian) decided to transfer the restaurant to a better location, so they can cater to a bigger and better crowd.

At first glance, I thought it's a franchise from the different Asian countries listed on its sign board. Mind you, it's homegrown. The countries printed there are their inspiration of their food.

Their menu covers an array of food choices from appetizers, entrees, breakfast food to set menu, desserts, and drinks -- some available in both Solo and for Sharing, while others are only for Solo orders. Enough of the talking, let the taste test begin!

Pictured below is the Ube Ubod (Php120 Solo only). From the name itself, this appetizer is made up of lumpiang ubod and placed inside an ube wrapper; thus its purple color. Served with peanut sauce, you can opt to also not dip it, as it is already tasty by itself.

Next in line is what they call Cha Gio (Php90 Solo only). More popularly known as spring rolls, Coco Asian's version is a nice-to-try appetizer! This dish has 2-3 spring rolls and about 2-3 pieces of onion rings too -- all yummy when dipped in the vinegar.

The Foodie Club got a taste of their new Seafood Rice (yet to be added in the menu), which is made up of onions and seafood like shrimp, fish and mussel, topped with lime slices for that zesty taste. My palette was looking for a tastier flavor, but it ain't bad considering there are other dishes to still try.

Their Tom Yum Soup (Php90) is very tasteful and delicious! A mixture of sour, salty, spicy, sweet in a bowl combined with big mushrooms and shrimps is what the soup is made up of. I'm guessing its creamy taste comes from a bit of coconut added into it. Really satisfying!

Following those above is the Dory ala Coco (Php170 for Solo, Php290 for Sharing). Coco Asian was able to maintain the freshness and chewable texture of the fish. With breaded dory mixed with creamy coconut milk sauce, this dish is a perfect match with rice.

Brave eaters will definitely enjoy the Goat Kaldereta (Php260 for Sharing) dish pictured below. Don't be afraid of it because it's goat meat; think normal meat and you won't actually find this dish rare-tasting. I am not accustomed to eating kaldereta that's a bit spicy, but nevertheless it's worth a try.

Another one with coconut milk sauce, this laing-like dish called Tinumok (Php170 for Solo, Php260 for Sharing) combines meat and shredded coconut meat wrapped in gabi leaves. The taste is quite similar to that of Dory ala Coco, so you can order either one and try others as additional orders.

A popular dish amongst us Filipinos, Coco Asian's Thai Lengua (Php150 for Solo, Php250 for Sharing) should not be left unordered. Aside from its rich and satiating sauce, I love this dish because the meat is very tender and soft allowing me to easily chew it.

Perhaps beer drinkers would agree with me that the Crispy Tilapia Fillet (Php190 Solo only) is not just good for pairing with rice, but also a great pulutan. Dip the crispy fillets in the soy sauce mixture, so you can appreciate its taste better.

Second to the last is the Coco Express (Php130 for Solo, Php190 for Sharing) or what they brand as their version of Bicol Express. My expectations shattered because it was not spicy at all. But then, I'm thinking of it as another perspective of the Bicol Express I know.

Last but not the least is the Sweet Potato Prawns (Php190 for Solo, Php360 for Sharing). I find it unique that instead of the usual breaded ones, this dish had sweet potatoes covering all over the prawns. Though it tasted yummy, perhaps Coco Asian can lessen the potato covering so that it doesn't hurt the teeth and gum much; thus making eating easier.

If you're in the Greenhills area, do drop by Coco Asian Kitchen at the Ground Floor of Promenade, so you can try out the Asian-inspired dishes they have. Their dishes definitely turned the Asian food fever on for The Foodie Club!

Coco Asian Kitchen
G/F Promenade, Greenhills Shopping Center
San Juan City, Metro Manila


Hopefully we can try this one soon. My parents were able to dine at their old Banawe branch :)

Hopefully we can try this one soon. My parents were able to dine at their old Banawe branch :)

@ Mom-Friday,

I also liked my experience in the old one that's why I'm very excited to try this at Greenhills and it did not disappoint! :)



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