Wednesday, January 12, 2011

SMART Pasaload Now on Facebook

SMART has introduced a new way of getting credits through the use of Facebook. You've read it right -- through our most loved social networking site Facebook. The app is called the Smart Buddy Web Pasaload.

Back when I was using prepaid, I find it tedious to search for a retail store selling credits just to be able to send SMS. I can remember certain instances when I really needed to text someone for an emergency and I run out of credits. Boom! And I say, WTH!

With SMART's Pasaload Facebook App, users can just search for a Smart subscriber friend or family member who's online and request them to send credits. At the same time, you yourself can send credits to your loved ones who are in need of credits. To add to that, there's no need to touch your mobile phone to send credits, as long as you've already registered. Smart, isn't it?

Simple steps to use the Web Pasaload App. Here's how:
  1. Add your Mobile Number. You will receive a Confirmation Key, which you need to enter back to the App.
  2. Add your Pasaload Contacts
  3. Drag numbers into the Send & Receive boxes
  4. Choose the load denomination or call & text package to send
  5. Pasaload instantaneously!

It's just that easy to share credits and love! What are you waiting for? Go and try the Pasaload App via Facebook now.


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