Sunday, December 12, 2010

Stop Mr. Claw and Sore Throat with Bactidol

The Philippines is a tropical country where the weather situation changes from cold to hot and vice versa. Because of this, there's a huge tendency for us to get sore throat and colds. And I'm definitely sure we know how it can destroy our day-to-day activities.

Yours truly was invited by our friends from Bactidol to help demonstrate the hassles of sore throat via a mall activity at SM Megamall in Ortigas. Since they can't give me an actual bacteria to make my throat sore, they gave me the next sore throat in line -- his name is Mr. Claw.

A thirsty me went to buy a Taro Milk Tea from Bubbatealicious, and Mr. Claw was there about to give me a sore throat, but was unsuccessful. Good thing!

However, Mr. Claw is such a hindrance to enjoying my drink as pictured below. Just the same, a sore throat can give difficulty in swallowing food. As the food passes through our throat, we'd feel our throat being scratched a bit, which gives pain and discomfort.

I wanted to reminisce my childhood, so I rode the panda animal. Here's a photo and video of me:

Notice that I'm having fun, not until Mr. Claw came and gave me a sore throat that brings dry cough. When he and the sore throat were gone, look at how life is more fun.

I also played the Pinball machine, since I missed playing it on the computer. I got so distracted and wasted several of my pin balls because of Mr. Claw's bugging me. Sore throat is really a hassle when you're trying to have fun!

After games and drink, Watsons was my next stop to buy an expensive eye cream. Since it was pricey, I had it demoed on me to test its immediate effect.

It was embarrassing to see Mr. Claw again clamping its huge claws on me as a sign of an uncomfortable throat and neck. As a result, I had a difficult time communicating with the sales lady when we were discussing the benefits of the eye product. Boo!

Shopping for a footwear went next, but my shoe size wasn't available. Mr. Claw annoyed me again, so I had to use the sandals to kill that mean bacteria out of my sight!

It was a tiring night due to Mr. Claw and the idea of having a sore throat. Good thing we know that there's our trusted brand Bactidol, which can solve this problem if and when a sore throat really occurs.

Bactidol (Generic Name: Hexetidine) is an oral antiseptic that should be gargled twice a day to safely soothe and give temporary relief to minor sore throat. It is also useful for general oral hygiene in lessening the possibility of tooth decay and bad breath by providing protective action on tooth surfaces and killing bacteria. Each 100mL bottle contains 100mg of Hexetidine and 9% Alcohol.


This Christmas, stop Mr. Claw and stop the hassle of sore throat!

Here's your chance to win Php1,000 Sodexho GC and gift pack from Bactidol by just listing down TEN THINGS you DON'T WANT to receive this Christmas.

  1. Go to Facebook and Like the Stop Mr. Claw page.
  2. Write a Facebook note outlining the “10 Things You Don’t Want to Get for Christmas”
  3. Tag as many friends as you can. Let your friends know what’s not on your Christmas list.
  4. Don’t forget to tag Mr. Claw! He’s definitely one of the things you don’t want get this Christmas!
  5. On December 26, the Bactidol team will choose and award 10 lucky winners via a raffle draw. A person can only win once.
  6. Winners will be announced on the fan page.
  7. Winners will be contacted via messages on Facebook.
That's it! But before we end this blog entry, why don't you watch Mr. Claw's TV commercial below:


May sore throat ako ngayon. phrak! hayyy badtrip.

Enjoyed looking at the pictures hahaha!

Parang stalker lang si Mr. Claw ah. Haha!

Enjoyed looking at the pictures hahaha!

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guys i need your answer, is bactidol ay safe ba sa my mga ubo..kc my ubo ako gayon ang sakit na ng lalamunan ko..tpos my sipon pa ako

Anonymous - Yes, it's safe for coughs, core throat... It really helps cure it too.

Anonymous - Yes, it's safe for coughs, core throat... It really helps cure it too.

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