Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Let's Call it FASH!

Calling all ladies to watch the first locally produced fashion television program called F.A.S.H., which premieres this August 26, 2010 (Thursday), 10PM on the Lifestyle Network SkyCable Channel 52. Hosted by international model, stylist, and make-up artist Bianca Valerio, FASH stands for Fashion and Style Hub -- a show that will educate and help people to be better in terms of styling and dressing up.

Joining Bianca are four style experts in their respective fields. They are celebrity stylist John Lozano, purveyor of style Ferdi Salvador, personal shopper Ram De Vera, and hair stylist extraordinaire Borge Aloba.

John Lozano will handle the segment called Runway for Real, where he translates international trends to our local scenes for everybody to try it out here in the Philippines. What he'll do is to get snippets from international fashion news and mimic them here by pulling things from local stylists, stores, etc. In that way, real people can actually wear what they see on the runway.

Watch out for Ferdi Salvador as he roams the metro to tell you what looks good on you and what needs to be enhanced. In FASH, he will be looking more in depth on brands available in our country in his segment called Black Book.

Having the modeling and marketing background, Ram De Vera aims to make everybody's lives better fashion-wise. He will help you be in style by using current resources and mixing it with some elements that will look fabulous on you.

Finally, Borge Aloba's hair styling expertise will show you perfect examples of make-overs. He will decode the tricks and tips to great hair and make-up styling, easy-to-do techniques at home, and the different hairstyles and colors that will best suit you.

Having said all those, you might be wondering why post this in my blog even if I'm a guy. Aside from wanting to help my friend Bianca, I would really like to see ladies dress well and be in fashion without spending a lot, so our country will have a facelift in terms of fashion and style.

Catch F.A.S.H Fashion and Style Hub every Thursdays at 10PM, with replays on Saturdays at 5:00PM, Sundays at 11:30AM/11:30PM, and Tuesdays at 3:30PM.


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