Thursday, August 5, 2010

7 Great iPhone Apps for Bloggers

Steve Jobs' Apple has influenced a lot of mobile users to switch to using iPhone. If you're both and iPhone user and a blogger, here are 7 great applications (some with minimal fee) you might want to try, as contributed by my guest writer Louise Baker:

1. iBlogger
Tired of blog-specific apps? iBlogger supports a myriad of blog apps. Unlike most apps that are created for a specific blog, iBlogger supports Blogspot, Xanga, WordPress, TypePad, and more. Have more than one blog? No problem, because iBlogger allows you to compose multiple blogs with just one app. With this app, users can blog with pictures and links! In addition, bloggers can compose their work offline and submit it later. Therefore, if you're in an area with no network coverage, you can still blog and publish it after. This application works with iPhone, iPhone 3G, and iPod Touch. Check it out here.

2. ShoZu
ShoZu is another non blog-specific app that gives users access to Facebook, Photobucket, MySpace, WordPress, and more. This application allows bloggers to post pictures and videos to multiple websites. In addition, users can edit their photos and send blog entries by email. Therefore, this blog is great for users with multiple blogs who also desire to promote these blogs. Check it out here.

3. ShapeWriter
Want to type faster? This new application offers a new technology for quickly enteting text on a touch screen. Instead of slowly entering each letter, users can trace the shape of a word with their finger. For example, for the word "write," simply slide your finger across the keyboard to each letter in the word. ShapeWriter will automatically recognize the word! Current users have reported that the app is usually efficient at recognizing text; however, if you are typing obscure words or names, simply manually type in the word and ShapeWriter will remember it for next time! Check it out here.

4. Analytics App
This application allows bloggers to track traffic on their sites by providing access to Google Analytics data. Users can track the number of visits to their sites, the amount of page views, length of visits, and more, for a total of 55 reports. In addition, the blog keeps track of how much money each blog is making from ad-views. Check it out here.

5. Jott
An app that records your voice and converts it into text. This text can then be send to a variety of blogs including WordPress, Facebook, and more. If you're pressed for time, Jott will make it much faster to blog! The app is free but requires a $3.95 per month Assist Plan. Check it our here.

6. EverNote
EverNote allows you to take notes, snap photos, create to-do lists. and record audio. All this information is synchronized with the web, allowing you to access it through your iPhone or computer. Snap a picture and EverNote will make the text inside this photo searchable. This app allows users to stay incredibly organized by allowing them to search or filter by tag, date, location. and more. Check it out here.

7. WordPress
If you have a WordPress blog, this application is incredibly easy to use. It has support for photos, multiple blogs, and offline work. Check it out here.

Louise Baker is a journalist, freelance writer and blogger. She currently blogs for the Zen College Life directory of online schools. Her most recent article was on becoming a dental assistant.


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