Sunday, June 6, 2010

Indulge in Chocolate Fire

Friday nights are the best time to go out, chill, relax and be with friends as you welcome the weekend. Mine started out with a few close friends who, before I arrived, were trailing on an 8-hour client meeting. We wanted to veer away from the usual Friday-alcohol-bar type of gimik (which I was very glad of, since I don't drink), so we called and invited friends over to join us as we indulge in Chocolate Fire.

Chocolate Fire is a cafe/lounge/bar type of place where you can see a wide variety of chocolate deli. Mind you, their delicatessen isn't the normal type you'd see just anywhere, rather it's an exceptionally radical exploration of chocolate. The concept came to life 8 years ago and originated in Melbourne City, Australia. Aside from chocolates, they also offer sandwiches, vegetable salads, and several flavors of gelato.

I was not able to take pictures of the place and the products as it were prohibited, so please forgive me.

We just ordered a platter of milk chocolate fondue with strawberries, marshmallows, dried apples, bananas, and nuts, as well as a plate of dark chocolate fondue with huge strawberries. As I am not very much fond of chocolates but of strawberries, my eyes and taste buds were feasting on the huge strawberries that I wish I can savor bit by bit. Nevertheless, if you are a chocolate lover, you'd surely be indulged in this place.

Visit their website to see more of their products and corporate offerings.

Chocolate Fire
PDCP Building, corner of Leviste St. and Rufino St., Makati City
+632-840-FIRE (3473)
Mon-Thurs: 11am-12mn; Fri: 11am-2am; Sat: 4pm-2am; Sun: 4pm-11pm


I hope Malaysia has a restaurant like tis!

That chocolate fondue looks great, it's my all time favorite dessert! I love strawberries for dippers, but lately (because of my 7-year old twin boys and 3-year old baby girl) we're having bananas and pretzels, too, for dippers, lol! I only let them try it once, and they instantly fell in love with chocolate fondue. Now we're having fondue party (just the 4 of us, hubby is always on business trips)almost every week, lol!

Dropping by ere glen.. I like the name of this shop.. Chocolate Fire.. Sounds nice.. =)

Dropping by ere glen.. I like the name of this shop.. Chocolate Fire.. Sounds nice.. =)

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