Thursday, April 8, 2010

Globe Telecom Partners with Xurpas for Twitter Service

Twitter has emerged as the biggest social networking and microblogging service today. With users being able to send and read messages in 140 characters known as tweets, it has changed the way many people live - they can't take tweeting away from their daily lives (and that includes me). Twitter is sometimes called the "SMS of Internet." As such, many developers have been creating external applications in order for users to be able to twit using their mobile phones.

Today, we received a news from @DigitalFilipino via Twitter that Globe Telecom is now offering a Mobile Tweet service in partnership with Xurpas, the mobile solution experts for emerging markets. Obviously, the telco company saw this as an additional income, as Twitter has proven to be a "necessity" nowadays.

If you're on Globe, just send Tweet to 2363 and you'll receive an infotext regarding this new service. Registration is FREE of charge, but sending a tweet or direct message will incur you P1/text. You may also subscribe to Unlitweets by sending UNLITWEET to 2363 for P20/day.

For questions, call 632-8895947 or visit


anybody know's how to unsubscribe to this service?

you're eating my load~ how to unsubscribe please???

you're eating my load~ how to unsubscribe please???

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