Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My Experience of Typhoon Ondoy

It was September 24 (Thursday) when we arrived at Marikina to setup for an event, which will happen on the weekend of that week. It was already drizzling and raining that night and it even got worse the next night. Saturday came and the rain was so hard already upon waking up. As the saying goes, "the show must go on" so we hurriedly ate breakfast and left for Robinsons Metroeast. Little did we know that we will be trapped in there for 24 hours.

As Typhon Ondloy hit Manila and other places, my team and I were at Robinsons Metroeast about to have an event. Due to flash floods that quickly hit the area, the event was cancelled, but we cannot leave the mall anymore. We stayed there overnight together with strangers, sleeping on floors and carpets. We only had a few food - bread, water, chips - to get us through overnight.

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We were finally able to leave the mall by 1:10PM of September 27 (Sunday), ate our first meal with rice around 2:40PM, and rescued two of our friends who were trapped in a hotel around 4:30PM. While traveling, we saw the destruction that was brought by the typhoon Ondoy. It saddens all of us to see what had happened to our fellow Filipinos after the storm, but we also had our own houses and cars that got submerged in the deep flood so we had to quickly go home.

Upon arriving home around 8PM, it was so dark in our subdivision and the streets had so much garbage. It was like a ghost town - no electricity, no people walking around, no cars passing by. After cleaning myself and eating dinner, I finally had the chance to rest. At first, I still cannot sleep because I was recalling the things that had happened. I kept on thanking God that even though two of our cars were submerged in water, our house is okay, my family is safe.

Up until today, I feel deeply sad whenever I think back about the weekend and when I hear news about the worse things that my fellow Filipinos had to go through.

I don't know who to blame, but I am just irritated by the news that says, "President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo spent the emergency fund of P800 million for her foreign trips!" If it were true, then she really deserves NOT to be the president of this country.


My prayer goes out to everyone there. This is one of the worst natural disasters in the Philippines. I hope everyone can do their share to help the victims of Ondoy. It pains me to see what happened to the people there.
I heard on the news today that there are two more typhoons coming up this week. =(

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