Sunday, May 3, 2009

Taking a Shower after Work-Out

I have been working out in the gym for quite some time now. Although I still don't have that sexy body everybody wants, that is not the main point of this blog entry.

Some say that taking shower right after workout is not a good practice, while a number of people also say it is a good habit. I am always reminded by my mom that I should not take a shower right after workout, because my pores are still open. She adds, "You may not realize the ill feeling at this point, but you will when you get older." Practically, she has a point. But I really can't imagine myself leaving the gym all sweaty and smelly, riding the car and painting those sweat in the car's seat covers.

My question is: Is it a good practice or not to take a shower right after workout? If it is, should it be cold or hot water, or just lukewarm? If it's not, how long should I wait? This is the question I had in mind for years and I want you readers to help me out. I need personal opinions from people who grew old working out and have been showering ever since. I also need answers based on medical facts, if you know of any. I have been reading various answers from all over the Internet, and I just can't decide which ones to follow. HELP!


I rest for half an hour before having a shower. Sometimes, when I'm in a rush, I go right ahead. I'm still alive though. :)

Of course its okay, as long as its a whole-body shower. That way the temperature of your entire body evens out. If you have problems with open pores, take a cold shower, that'll close 'em right off. :)

i would wait for ten min. walk around a little bit as wll. just make sure your body isnt too hot before you do and if you live in arizona, you know what i mean. when you do take a shower, the best thing for me is to make it cool and relaxing.

I dont have any medical facts but my father has a medical background and has told me taking a hot shower opens your pores anyway. It is not a bad thing to do so, in fact it helps clean out dirt and such in there. If you take a hot shower and clean yourself then turn cooler water near the end of your shower will help close your pores and keep dirt out as well as keeping you from sweating after a shower.

Immediate showering helps reduce any soreness I would otherwise carry with me over the next few days. I always shower, even if I didn't sweat much. Besides, it feels good to be squeaky clean!

My dad always said to wait until you stop sweating. That makes perfect sense to me since why would you want to take a shower when you are? Kinda defeats the purpose of the shower :) Also, don't just sit down when you are done, walk it off like you would after a long run. Everything slows down at the same time. When your heart rate falls your body stops sweating.

shower is for wimps, i dont shower! im a real man!!ur all jealous and u know it!

People do water aerobics and other water exercises. That should answer your question right there.

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