Sunday, January 5, 2014

New Serenitea Snacks and Low Sugar Pearls this 2014

I love Serenitea not just for its milk teas, but also for its yummy snacks that greatly complement each other. This 2014, Serenitea kicks off the new year by offering new snacks – an added variation to its well-loved chicken chops, corn on the cob, and more.

Who loves Serenitea’s Peppered Corn (Php60 for three sticks)? I do! It’s a great partner to my usual Hokkaido Milk Tea – sweet plus peppery equals happy tummy. But wait, check out the next pictures!

Serenitea decided to give the corn an upgrade with four new flavors at Php75 for three sticks per order. This time around, the roasted corn has been lightly battered and sprinkled with cheese and curry flavors, as pictured above. I like the cheese better, since the curry was quite strong for me.

They also have the seaweed flavor. I’m not fond of seaweeds, so I wasn’t able to taste this.

And finally, the wasabi flavored corn. While this flavored corn tastes delicious, be ready to wipe your nose and forehead as you start perspiring – like I did.

I’m sure you also like Serenitea’s Peppered Chicken Chops with basil leaves on the side (Php70). I usually match it with my favorite Taro Milk Tea. But hey, it has been upgraded too with three new variants at Php120 per order! Look!

This one’s called Formosa Chicken Chops (Php120), where it is topped with diced tomatoes and basil. The taste is very light, and is very much refreshing to the palette.

The second variant is called the Western Chicken Chops (Php120). With onion and mustard as its main toppings, the flavor turns out to be a bit sweet.

Want it hot? Try the third variant called the Thai Pepper Chicken Chops (Php120). It has tons of chili and garlic. Each piece of chicken chops gives a kick, but is surprisingly very yummy. I like this the best among the three, but I would still get the peppered one depending on my mood.

This may look a bit odd, but Serenitea’s Chix-on-Stix priced at Php85 for two pieces per order, is actually a good afternoon snack coupled with Okinawa Milk Tea or Wintermelon Milk Tea. Pictured above is the Italian flavored Chix-on-Stix with rosemary and herbs.

This next variant is deep fried chicken wings with Mexican spices. It’s actually skewered like that for easy eating. It makes sense, if you ask me. They also have the Oriental-flavored Chix-on-Stix, which is seasoned with cumin and spices.

Serenitea is also introducing a line of cakes available in Congressional and Shangri-la branches priced at Php100-135 per slice – these are Rainbow Cake, Chocolate Fudge Cake, Chocolate Nutella Cake, Almond Matcha Cake, and a variety of Cheesecakes as well.

I got to try the Mango Cheesecake that has mango bits and syrup atop the creamy cheesecake. It wasn’t too sweet – a perfect cap after eating the snacks.

Though not a fan of matcha, I still tried the Almond Matcha Cake that combines the taste of almonds and green tea on a layered chiffon cake.

What’s more, Serenitea is also now offering Low Sugar Pearls as sinkers to our favorite Serenitea drink. Many people don’t know that standard pearl sinkers are usually cooked in sugar before they are added to a drink. With the new low sugar pearls, the texture and delight is still the same, but will lesser sweetness and lesser guilt!

Searenitea’s new snacks will be available in most branches in Metro this January 2014, and will be labeled as Captain Pepper, Serenitea’s food snack outlet located in Little Baguio, San Juan.

Meanwhile, Low Sugar Pearl sinkers are already available in all branches without any additional cost – just inform the staff when you order.


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