Monday, July 9, 2012

Self Tidying Bed For the Win!

One of the biggest dreams one can have is to live in a hi-tech house, where almost all the basic things are automated. Surely, you wouldn’t disagree if I say we are not far from getting into that.

From having gate operators that can send SMS for opening or closing the gate, a window and refrigerator that can go online, a television as smart as a computer to a bed that is able to fix itself, technology and innovation has definitely made it happen.

But wait, a bed that is able to fix itself after you get up? Yes, you read it right. When this goes fully official, we have to thank Spanish furniture maker OHEA for introducing the world’s first automated bed that does all the fixing by itself.

Whether you are a sleepy head who doesn’t want to wake up early to fix your bed, or you just don’t have time to make things tidy, the smart bed can make itself in a mere 50 seconds.

For a few seconds, you’d doubt the smart bed’s capability because it looks like a normal mattress for sleeping. Don’t be fooled. This furniture is like James Bond’s cars with all kinds of hidden compartments showing you the action once activated.

The smart bed is equipped with a device that enables it to automatically straighten the bedding. When switched on, the bed releases a small mechanical arm with two rollers from a hidden area on the side, then pulls the cover or duvet up to the head of the bed.

A smart bed isn’t smart at all if it ignores your pillows. So here’s what it does – the pillows are straightened by cords attached to the pillowcases as they are elevated during the bed making process. When the cover of the bed has been straightened, the pillows fall back into place.

What’s more to make it fancier? The bed-frame has two switches – manual and automatic. It serves not only as a mere switch like any other device has, but it also acts as a safety feature that prevents the mechanism from activating when the person is still in bed. When placed in automatic, the smart bed detects when there’s no one lying on the bed and waits three seconds before it starts its job.

OHEA’s smart bed may have thought of everything about how one usually does the tidying of covers, pillows, and bed. However, their demo only shows not much of covering except for a light duvet. It’s interesting to know then if it will function as is if there are about three layers of cover for those who easily feel cold.

Questions such as how it will handle extra jumble of covers and how heavy or light it can detect for the automatic function to work are still unanswered. But it’s certainly a great work waiting to be released in the real world.

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hahahaha... i want this bed too!

I bet a lot of people want one! :)

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