Friday, June 8, 2012

Five Useful Online Tools for Docs, Photos and Other Media

Many companies these days provide personal laptops to its employees to be able to accomplish work on a day to day basis. Problem is, some people need to perform tasks that entail installing new software on their laptop. These applications, however, are not accredited by the company’s policies and therefore cannot be installed.

Thanks to web tools we have nowadays, we can easily perform our tasks without the need to download and install applications on the computer. Here is a list of some of the helpful websites that may come in handy.

HTML to PDF Converter

When times call for you to read a whole website full of text, it can be more accessible and readable when it’s on a PDF file rather than loading the site again and again. This site offers a simple and straight forward HTML to PDF converter, which allows conversion without the need to register. Simply paste the link, click ‘make PDF’ and you’re good to go.


We Filipinos love browsing through videos on Youtube, yeah? And once we find that perfect cover of a song or a remix of a favorite musician, we simply want to download it. TuneTune allows you to easily convert a video from Youtube to MP3 by simply submitting the link and clicking on ‘convert’ button. What’s great about this online tool is that it converts the video to the highest quality available and as fast as possible. Also, it enables you to edit the ID3 tags as well as cut certain portions on the music, if desired.

Online Photo Editor

When you have the need to edit photos, give it a facelift or simply recolor it, Pixlr is one of the best sites you can visit. Its photo editor looks very similar to that of Photoshop. It allows you to open and save a picture from your computer or create a new image overall.

Media Converter

This website allows you to convert videos from websites or by directly choosing existing files from your computer. Within just a few steps, you’d be able to convert your video from one file format to another. The media converter website does not require registration, but limits you to having five conversions per day and only 100MB per file. Need more? You need to sign up for a premium account.


Are you processed oriented and want to make a diagram, but don’t have the means to get a Microsoft Office Visio onto your computer? Diagramly is an online tool that can help you accomplish your diagrams and charts, and then allow you to save it as image on your computer. It has different box shapes and arrow styles, similar to that of Visio, but an online version.

There you have it, readers. As long as there’s an internet connection available, you can work on those tasks without the need to download or buy applications. Tweet me @GlennOng to suggest more online tools.

This article is my 63rd contribution to Manila Bulletin -- one of the Philippines' leading broadsheets -- published on March 19, 2012 (Monday) in the TechNews Section. You can view the PDF version here (lower left portion).


Very helpful! Love the TuneTune reco! Thank you :)

Hi, Irene. Glad it helped! Hope you can share it so it'll be of help to others too. :)

too bad tune tune website is no longer available

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