Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Four Online Resume Tools to Make CV Building More Fun

To all students who graduated this summer, welcome to the real world! As your university chapter closes, a new and exciting dimension is about to unfold.

Job hunting is fun – only if you have what it takes to be hired. Let’s start with your resume or formerly known as curriculum vitae (CV). I’m sure you would need some help in making sure it comes out as best as it can be, right?

Here are a couple of helpful sites that can help you.

JobSpice (

Most senior students waste tons of time trying to fix the formatting and spacing of resumes in Microsoft Word. Good thing there’s JobSpice, resume building becomes an ease.

JobSpice is an intuitive online tool that makes creating and publishing a well-designed, custom resume easy and fun. You can build your resume in three steps – Compose: add or remove sections in your CV; Design: format the design of your CV; and, Preview: see how your CV looks like and download it as a PDF or as a Word file.

The website is simple, good, and most of all free.

LinkedIn Resume Builder (

Apart from Twitter and Facebook, one important social networking site you need to be a member of is LinkedIn. Build your resume there and connect with head hunters. Who knows, your dream job is waiting for you.

But did you know that LinkedIn has a resume builder too? You can easily turn your LinkedIn profile into a beautiful resume in seconds. Simply pick a resume template, customize the content, and print and share the results to your friends and connections.

With LinkedIn, your effort in building your resume is maximized. You now get to save it online for viewing of fellow LinkedIn contacts, as well as generate a document copy for printing.

RezScore (

Wonder how your resume fairs? RezScore helps you improve your CV by giving it a grade. It uses algorithms that read through your resume and analyze it on over a dozen metrics.

Apart from the overall grade of A to D, they also give your resume a score from 0-100 in three categories, namely brevity, impact, and depth. In addition, Rezcore lists down what you need to remove and change in order to give it more impact.

ResumUp (

Tired of the same old outlined, text version of a typical resume? Yours may be a standout if you use ResumUp. It gives your CV more attention, since you will be able to present it in a visual manner. You can easily link it up to Facebook and LinkedIn in order to import your basic data.

After finishing up your own ResumUp, you can download it as a PDF or text format, which you may use to send out to employers. It will come out as a one-pager CV with several colors and indicators, giving interviewers a faster way to see your information, education background, achievements, skills, and wanted salary, among others.


Wow! I'll share this to my brother :)

Hey Eugene! Resumup is so cool!

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Well undoubtedly linkedin is really a huge network for job seekers and this is very professional site or platform whatever you call but I personally gained a lot from this.Good post.Thanks.

Well undoubtedly linkedin is really a huge network for job seekers and this is very professional site or platform whatever you call but I personally gained a lot from this post.Thanks.

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