Monday, April 9, 2012

Travelers Pod in Cagayan De Oro: Budget Friendly and Great Location

Traveling to Cagayan De Oro with my events group, Digicon, we stayed at the Travelers Pod located at the foot of the Limketkai Gateway Tower inside the Limketkai Complex. It is a budget-friendly traveler's lounge for backpackers, transients or just about any kind of traveler. They offer both Nightly Rates and Hourly Rates, which will surely suit whatever schedule you have.

The location of the Travelers Pod is very nice! Upon exit of the hotel, there's a convenience store on the right and a Jollibee branch on the left. Teriyaki Boy and Figaro are also some of the establishments nearby. In addition, it is just a short walking distance away to the Limketkai Mall, where several restaurants are available for lunch or dinner.

Upon entrance of the Travelers Pod, my eyes were immediately caught by the simple interiors and nice ambiance that the hotel offers. There's a small area with couches for waiting customers near the door and a couple of tables and chairs for those who want to order some cookies and coffee. 

This is the reception area where you'd see the rates of the hotel, their mini-snack bar, as well as the cashier where you'd pay for your bill afterwards. Look, it's very neat and organized. Directly beside it is the staircase going to the second floor, where more rooms are located.

The whole hotel has a centralized air conditioner, so even the hallways will keep you cool. The mattresses and pillows are comfortable and the blanket is not too thin nor too thick - just enough to keep warm at night.

Single Pods at the first floor of Travelers Pod
Travelers Pod offers four different types of accommodation called as "pods" thus the name of the hotel. First is the Single Pod (Php350/night or Php100/hour). Single Pods are for single occupancy traveling on a tight budget or just want to try something different. These are mostly located at the hallways and are divided by curtains. 

Single Pods at the second floor of Travelers Pod

When staying at a Single Pod and you have big luggage and bags, you can easily deposit it at the lobby and they'll store it inside a secured area. That way, all you have to do is to bring your sleeping essentials when you get to your pod.

Ask about the toilet and shower room, Single Pods share ample common shower rooms. Travelers Pod also provide liquid soap and shampoo, so what more can a traveler ask for?

If you're too light of a sleeper and would easily be awaken by little noises, I suggest you get the Standard Pods (Php1000/night or Php150/hour). These Standard Pods are contemporary in style with a sensible price, offering comfort and privacy. Inside a room, you can sleep peacefully on a full size bed or twin single beds, with the provision of a centralized cable TV as well. Shower rooms will be shared commonly with those occupying the Single Pods.

Deluxe Pod at the second floor of Travelers Pod
The third type of accommodation are called the Deluxe Pods (Php1500/night). Basically, it has a similar look as with a Standard Pod, also with either cozy twin beds or a double bed and a cable TV, but this time with a private hot and cold shower room.

The last type are the Premiere Pods (Php2000/night for 3 pax, additional Php350/head in excess of 3). When traveling with the family or with a group of friends, the Premiere Pod is the ideal room to stay. The room could accommodate a group of 3 to 6. It also has a 32” digital cable TV, as well as a hot and cold shower facility.

The Travelers Pod is really a nice place to stay at. I highly recommend it to everyone looking into saving money on hotel accommodations in order to maximize the budget for Cagayan De Oro adventures and food trips. 

Visit the Travelers Pod website in order to get directions on how to get there, as well as to make your reservations. Enjoy your stay as much as I did!


Nice! Will keep this in mind on my next CDO trip

Thanks for striking the sleeping minds! Travelers

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