Sunday, February 12, 2012

J.POPS Baby Donuts from J.CO Donuts and Coffee... Soon!

About two months ago, I blogged about a popular Indonesian donut brand that's soon to invade Manila by  storm. Since then, I have always craved for their Tiramisu-flavored donut. Behold, only a few weeks left before the first branch of J.CO Donuts and Coffee opens at SM Megamall on March 15, 2012

I like J.CO's donuts because they're not too sweet and the flavors are unique. However, I'd like to be honest by saying not all of their flavors are delectable to me. First, I don't like chocolates. Second, I stay away from peanuts and peanut butter for some weird reasons I don't know how to explain. Third, I'm never a green tea person. Still, I know people simply love all those that I dislike, right?

My previous post showed J.CO's regular-sized donuts, which are the same sizes as the ones from other brands. And now, they sent me these cute baby donuts called J.POPS! The box has a ribbon design printed already, so this could possibly be a great gift item for friends, straight from the store.

These bite-sized donuts are so colorful. Each box contains 24 pieces of assorted flavors, but I'm sure that we can also order one with just a single flavor of what our favorite is. These donuts are best eaten right after buying from the store or after reheating for a few seconds. 

After tasting the non-chocolate flavors, I have added two more favorites aside from Tiramisu (left-most, 2nd row) -- one is Heaven Berry (left-most, 3rd row) and another is Oreology (right-most, 3rd row). Imagine, I finished all 6 pieces in two minutes or less! I LOVE IT!

I brought a box to church for snacks during my band rehearsal. The girls loved Don Mochino (right-most, 6th row) and Why Nut (left-most, 5th row), while the boys sided with me on Tiramisu and Choconuttzy (right-most, 5th row).

Don't miss the opening of the J.CO Donuts and Coffee flagship store at the Ground Floor of MegaStrip B, SM Megamall (right in between of Seattle's Best Coffee and Mang Inasal) on March 15, 2012. The first 200 customers to visit the store at 9AM get a special treat.

J.CO Donuts and Coffee will also open in SM Mall of Asia, Greenbelt 3, Alabang Town Center, and TriNoma shortly after the launch in SM Megamall. Aside from delicious donuts, they also offer Italian Roasted Arabica coffee and yogurt delights. Contemporain Foods, Inc. (CFI) is the franchiser of J.CO Donuts and Coffee.

Update: Pricing for J.CO donuts are out!
Regular-Sized Donuts posted here:
  • Php42 for 1 piece donut
  • Php350 for 1 dozen regular donuts (any flavor of your choice - assorted or single flavor)
  • Php550 for 2 dozen regular donuts

J.Pops Baby Donuts:
  • Php250 for 2 dozens (can't be bought per piece or 1 dozen only)


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