Saturday, January 21, 2012

Indulgence by Irene Offers Delicious Quezo De Bola Cheesecake

It was late last year when The Food Club started mentioning our friend Irene's uber-delicious cheesecake. I was like, "is it really that good?" To be honest, I'm not really a cake type of person. I'd eat cake if there's one available, but I certainly won't look for it. And I'm choosy with cakes -- I don't like chiffon cakes that are dry or those non-chiffon cakes, but are just darn too sweet.

After a couple of months of hearing and reading about it...

A'las, I was able to taste Irene's specialty called the Quezo De Bola (QDB) Cheesecake last Thursday. Funny because I met up with her at the gym! So as I was working out, my mind and my tummy are so much looking forward to tasting that mouthwatering cheesecake. I know, you might be thinking that my work out was a joke. But who cares, it looks yummy!

My routine every morning is to work out at the gym and to eat my breakfast at the office workstation. But this time, it wasn't my baon that I opened first; it was the QDB Cheesecake by Indulgence by Irene! Since I couldn't control myself, I immediately took it out of the box and got a small portion for my initial taste (my first bite pictured above). Dessert first before my real breakfast.

IN ALL FAIRNESS, the cheesecake tasted DELICIOUS! There's no BS, even if Irene is my friend.

Initially inspecting the cheesecake, I see the moist layers of quezo de bola (yellow) and graham crackers (brown) - they're very much siksik in ingredients. I know Irene as the person who would always be willing to pay for a food item that is delicious and with quality. She brought this principle on her creation and makes it a point that the cheesecake has no fillers, but only with quality ingredients.

Far from the usual cheesecakes around, the QDB Cheesecake has a tiny bit of salty taste, but is still mostly on the sweet side. However, Irene surely knows how to balance the sweetness level. Within a few minutes, I was able to finish half of it already, because it's not too sweet.

Lucky for my officemate Richelle, I was able to offer her a small portion for tasting. And her comment? "It's the cheesiest cheesecake I've ever tasted." She's a satisfied taster! Woohoo!

Apparently, Irene started making this awesome cheesecake as part of her love for food, cooking, and baking. Eventually, more and more friends like me got to taste it and found it to be really palatable. And so she finally decided to name her brand as Indulgence by Irene, with Quezo De Bola Cheesecake as her initial product.

Pictured on this post is the 4.5-inch QDB Cheesecake at Php200.00, while the bigger one at 9-inch is available too for Php900.00. If you're planning to order, please allow 1-2 days lead time for the 9-inch size. While there is no minimum number of orders for the 4.5-inch cheesecake, you can coordinate with Irene as she collates 5 small-sized orders per batch, so you might have to wait. The QDB Cheesecake will last for 2 weeks as long as it is refrigerated.

To date, Irene gets made-to-order cheesecakes almost everyday, but she's still happily welcoming new customers like you and me. We can order the QDB Cheesecake by contacting her at 0922-8303900  / 0917-6225800 or by 'liking' Indulgence by Irene Facebook Page. She does meet-ups at Magallanes on weekday mornings and afternoons or you can simply pick it up in Ortigas.

Indulge in Irene's QDB Cheesecake and tell me what you think. Happy dessert-eating, friends!


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