Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Brainwavz Alpha vs. Brainwavz Beta Earphones

In this review are two of the Brainwavz earphones, named after the first two letters of the Greek alphabet, Alpha and Beta. Both the Brainwavz Alpha and the Brainwavz Beta have the in-ear design, and can be differentiated in terms of sound quality.

What’s in the Box

The Brainwavz Alpha comes in a purple box while the Brainwavz Beta comes in blue.

Inside the box, aside from the earphones of course, are three pairs of gray silicone eartips / earbuds. The medium-sized one is already pre-installed to the earphones, while the small and the big ones are included in the box. In addition, the Brainwavz Beta comes with foam tips.

There is also a clip that allows one to attach the cords to a shirt or a bag strap, which is pretty convenient to prevent the cords from swinging around. Both earphones come with a one year warranty.

What seems to be lacking is a small pouch or case where the earphones can be kept to prevent damage when placed in bags or pockets. Perhaps they can also add on some more colors, especially for the girls.

Earphones Review

The Brainwavz Alpha boasts of a “deep bass” while the Brainwavz Beta’s edge is “clear and detailed sound.” I listened to a wide range of music using both earphones and I should say both performed better than most earphones in the market of the same price range.

The Alpha basically has the same sound quality as most earphones, but with a specialty on producing better bass sound and sweeter vocals. On the other hand, the Beta is a nice upgrade of Alpha, which provides lows and mids that are still distinct while maintaining the highs to be very clear.

The cords of both earphones are made of good material and would withstand abuses whether constantly rolled or constantly drenched in sweat in the gym. The length is also very generous and one can keep the MP3 player safely tucked in one’s pocket or in a bag.

I tried both earphones in the gym, particularly during my runs. While the Alpha is not easily displaced, the design of the Beta gives one the feeling that it would not fall off even during long and strenuous workouts. And for the duration of a 10 km run, I did not have to adjust the position of the Brainwavz earphones in my ear at all (and that says a lot!).

Specifications comparison

The Bottomline

There are literally thousands of earphones in the market – regulars, in-ear, and over-the-ear – and the price varies from a few hundreds to several thousands. While price is often times an indication of quality, it is not always so. I’ve tried some more expensive brands, but performance is below the price I paid for (and they’re now just gathering dust in my drawer).

For the bass-heads with a small budget, I would suggest the Brainwavz Alpha. But if you want to take down many other earphones that have double or even triple the price, consider purchasing the Brainwavz Beta. You will not be disappointed considering its high performance vis-a-vis its price ratio.

Overall, both the Brainwavz Alpha and Beta earphones provide much better value for money. For me, the premium performance of the Beta outweighs its price differential as compared to Alpha.

Would I be getting a Brainwavz earphones over the other items in the market today? Definitely. And you can count it would be the Beta.

Brainwavz Alpha SRP: Php960.00
Brainwavz Beta SRP: Php1,350.00

Available at the following stores:
  • Beyond The Box
  • Digital Hub
  • Digital Walker

Editor's Note: This article was written by John Basa, a special writer and contributor of Glich's Life. Revisions were done by yours truly prior to posting. You can follow him on Twitter (@johnbasa) - Glenn / Glich


Hi, I'm from Chile, I bought the headphones Brainwavs Alpha by 26.3 USD at a local store. The sound is very good and clear. It is true, mark the bass a bit. My wife loved them and kept them. Now I buy the Brainwvz Betha with microphone to use on my Andriod. I will tell you when you buy that is the quality. Greetings.

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