Tuesday, August 2, 2011

On Sale: Globe Tattoo MyFi and USB Prepaid Kits

This is the best time to get yourself either a Globe Tattoo MyFi Prepaid Stick or a Globe Tattoo Broadband USB Prepaid Kit. They're on sale and are available at all Globe stores and accredited sales channels.

The MyFi is on sale from July 13 to October 10, 2011, while the USB stick does not state any end of promotion. It might mean that the Php995 price is permanent, don't you think?

Original Price
Discounted Price
Globe Tattoo MyFi Prepaid Stick
Globe Tattoo USB Prepaid Kit

The difference of a MyFi Prepaid Kit and a MyFi Postpaid Kit is the speed it gives you. The prepaid gives up to 2Mbps, while the postpaid plans provides up to 3Mbps or even 5Mbps depending on the plan you get.

Each purchase of a Globe Tattoo Broadband USB Prepaid Kit comes with FREE 120 surfing hours valid for 5 days. To avail of this, you need to send FREE120 to 8888

Why you should get one - a personal story:

Globe has been my network of choice ever since I started using a mobile phone. There's something about Globe's promos, advertorials, and campaigns that I find better than the others - I don't exactly know how to explain it.

I have a Globe Tattoo MyFi stick, which I got on its initial release way back. Imagine - I paid more than Php7,000+ for the MyFi stick that came with a free prepaid kit. After learning that the price dropped for more than Php2,000, I felt disappointed but was left with nothing to do.

Months later, I've realized that I actually didn't lose money. It was so useful because I was able to share my Internet connection with several of my devices such as my iPad, BlackBerry, Nokia, and laptop all at the same time! At times, my friends would even leech onto my connection when we're out on the streets or office.

What are you waiting for? It's time to get yourself one too, especially if you have several gadgets on hand. It'll be fun to have your own "router" - I named mine GlennOng.com. That's marketing! 


Hi Glen, where do you usually use your MiFi stick? I've been contemplating about getting one but I'm not sure if my locations have good signal. I'll probably be using it in Tandang Sora, Q.C. and Ortigas CBD. Any thoughts?

Hi! Been using it around Ortigas, San Juan, Makati, Fort, Cebu. Works perfectly fine.

Hey, thanks for your response! Just a few follow-up questions if you don't mind? Did you get the 3 mbps (now up to 5 mbps) plan? Have you tried testing the speed on these locations by any chance? If yes, what upload and download speeds do you usually get? I'm planning to get one for my office and upload speed is important for us more than the download speed...

Hi, John! Unfortunately, I'm not sure what plan I have. It's company provided kasi. :) I don't check upload and download speeds as well, haha

Haha, I see.. Well, thanks for your response anyways! :)

I just bought the globe tattoo 4G stick.  I was very disappointed... the stick was useless. Globe signal in Baguio City and Pangasinan is good but the stick doest work at home in Camp 8, Baguio City and in San Jacinto, Pangasinan.  I just wasted my money.

Sorry to hear that. Maybe you can report it to Globe :) Thanks!

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