Friday, August 19, 2011

HiSense Mono Headset Mini HB200M

Several years ago when wireless Bluetooth headsets were still new to the techie scene, I've already wanted to get one for myself in order to aid me in taking calls. It looks so professional, not to mention cool, and has that “look Ma, no hands!” feel to it. But that never materialized, because it was too expensive at that time, so I did not bother.

Today, we are constantly bombarded with so much streams of communication that multi-tasking is key.

If you’re a mobile professional or if you’re just too busy to pick up your phone and hold it throughout the duration of the call with your hands, you might want to give the HiSense Mono Headset Mini HB200M a look.

At first glance, this Bluetooth headset doesn’t seem any different from the rest of the headsets out there. But looks can be deceiving! Look at its specifications:
  • 150 hours standby time (6 days!)
  • 5.5 hours talking time (Talk while on the road from Manila to Baguio!)
  • 7.5 grams in weight (A 5 peso coin is heavier!)
  • 10 meters operating range (Thirsty from all that talking? Leave your phone and get a drink!)

What I like about the Mini HB200M Bluetooth headset is its functionality. Aside from just the usual answering or ending a call, using the Multi-Function Button on the headset allows me to also reject a call, do voice dialing, last number redial, put a call on hold, call waiting, and pair with my device -- all using a single button.

Be warned though, it takes a bit of time to memorize the corresponding “button action” to get the right command. I myself accidentally dropped a call when I was only trying to put someone on hold. Good thing he didn't get mad at me.

The HiSense Mini HB200M headset comes with a lot of accessories. By understanding that all ears are not made equal in sizes and each one has his own preference, HiSense provided different ear bud sizes, including an in-ear bud.

What also sets them apart is the option to wear it around your neck as a pendant. When you’re not actually on a call, you don’t need to leave it on your ear and look like a douche anymore. That's really cool - a headset and a necklace in one.

In addition, don’t you just hate it when you have more than one phone and you have to go through the hassle of pairing it with one phone and then switching to the other? Well worry not, friends! The Mini HB200M lets you pair with two devices - it can be either two phones or one phone and a computer for your VoIP calls.

Pairing the headset with my iPhone 4 and old Sony Ericsson K800i, I can say that it was fast and seamless. In terms of sound quality, the HiSense Mono Headset Mini HB200M provides clear sounds even on environments with minor noises.

There are of course drawbacks to the headset. Due to the small size of the actual Bluetooth headset, there was no way to adjust the volume in itself. This means that you will have to use your phone to adjust the sound.

Also, some people might find the headset’s charger a turn off because of its size and weight. If you travel a lot, bringing the AC charger will be a small pain. However, you could opt to just bring the complementary cable that can be connected to a USB port.

Ultimately, the HiSense Mono Headset Mini HB200M combines style and functionality. It comes in five different colors - silver, champagne, red, green, white.

Suggested Retail Price: Php1,950.00 Php1,450.00

Available at the following stores:
  • Digital Hub
  • Digital Walker
  • Beyond the Box
  • ADI Gadget World - Park Square 1
  • 5th Ave. - Shangri-la Mall
  • ComCentre - Sta. Lucia
  • Power Telecom Shop - SM North EDSA Annex
  • Techno Mobile Hub - SM Marikina
  • New Venice - Park Square 1
  • Topnet - SM Megamall
  • Sir Lance - Festival Mall
  • Oxvor - Star Mall Alabang
  • Cell Power Sales
  • Unitech
  • Jerry Solutions
  • Eyo Sales
  • Itelecom
  • Mobile Care
  • Bluelite
  • Round Circle - Festival Mall
  • Star Circle - Star Mall Alabang
  • Celvitek
  • Firt Choice Cellshoppe
  • Mobile Experts - Park Square 1
  • Owtel - Star Mall EDSA Shaw
  • Cyber Widgets - SM Masinag
  • BSD - Mall of Asia
  • Techno Kid - SM San Lazaro
  • Techtel - Robinson's Ermita
  • Bionic HD
Editor's Note: This article was written by Jamie Que, a special writer and contributor of Glich's Life. Revisions were done by yours truly prior to posting. You can follow her on Twitter (@jamminjem) - Glenn / Glich


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