Friday, September 17, 2010

Deeply Angered with Citibank Philippines' Worst Service

Yes, you read it right -- Citibank Philippines has the worst customer service I have encountered as of yet! After exactly 1 month and 7 days upon credit card approval, I have decided to cancel my account for their crappy alibis, repeated lies, and inefficient third party courier.

August 11, 2010 was the date I got a text message that my credit card was approved. It was written there that I will be able to receive the credit card after 3 banking days, which should be on the 16th. I received no notifications or deliveries whatsoever, but decided to wait a few more days.

If I'm not mistaken, I gave my first call the following week and was told that the card is already with the courier. I accepted. I returned a call again and got a response that there is still no update from the courier in their system. I requested for them to give me a call the next day to explain what is happening. Someone called me and told me they will reschedule delivery. I accepted again.

Come August 23 or 24, I contacted Citibank again asking for my card and if it can be rushed for delivery on August 25, so I can use it for my out of the country trip. No card appeared on my doorstep.

After 6 days of vacation, I was really expecting my card to have been delivered already. Lo and behold, there was none! I am already very angry by the fourth call, so I requested for a manager to talk to me. Dino answered my call and gave apologies again. I requested for a return call to explain again what happened, but no one ever called back. Ever since my last call, I gave up following up and hoped that the credit card will be delivered to my home address.

I wanted to send an email to a management official of Citibank, but can't find an email address online. As such, I just logged a complaint via Citibank's online feedback form located in their website. I wrote:
Hi, Citibank.

I would like to express my deepest DISAPPOINTMENT on how you are handling my credit card application. I got a text 2-3 weeks back that my card application has been approved. After calling 5 or more times and complaining where my card has gone, I still get no definite response on when I'd get my card.

I was supposed to use the card when I went to Singapore last August 26. I believe my concern was escalated already due to its urgency. I was so shocked and deeply angered by the fact that after 6 days of leaving the country, I come back still without the card in my house.

I have already left my authorization letter with our househelp, but nobody really delivered the card.

My question is, how do you actually track these card applications on whether their approved cards are actually delivered or not. My good impression of Citibank's promos have made me really excited to have one, but after this, I am not sure I still am.

I requested for a call back to explain what has happened, but to my dismay, nobody did. I even talked to a manager over the phone whose name is Dino, I think. I am giving it a few more days, but after, I will be publishing a write up online about this bad service, spreading the word on how inefficient and bad your customer service is.

Please let me know what happened. No apologies needed, just explanations and delivery of my card. I'm sick and tired of listening to Citibank apologizing to me. I hope I was able to send my message across. Thanks!
Guess what, no one even contacted me after sending the complaint. I am sure that it got through their system, because an auto generated email acknowledged it.

Finally, I received a call from Citibank on September 15. The guy even highlighted that my card turned 1 month last September 10 and they had a problem with the courier. At the back of my mind, I was thinking "WTH, you just knew that you had a problem with the courier after one month?!" He was offering me card and life protection and was asking me questions. I told him that I don't like to answer his questions - "just deliver the card and we're done."

Today, September 17, I decided to call again. The girl who talked to me said that since it's already past 30 days, they needed to change my card for security purposes. She was asking me information that I have previously given over and over again, so I said "Stop! Just cancel the credit card, because Citibank is ********!"

Many of you may disagree with my tagging of Citibank Philippines as a company with the worst customer service, but it indeed is. Their promos and good deals are awesome, but with this kind of service, I don't mind continuing my card with other banks rather than stay and suffer the consequences of an inefficient company.


I can certainly empathize with your gripes, but to call them the worst... you obviously haven't dealt with SmartBro's corporate service.

Try complaining to them about getting billed for a demo AFTER you already said that they can take it down already (which they didn't) and not getting any reply from any supervisor for about more than a year now (still no reply whatsoever from a supervisor, even the call center agents are pissed off on what the hell these supposed corp people are doing) :P top that!!

that sucks! but i think cancelling your citibank card was the right move. you're better off with other credit cards.

i'm sharing an incident that happened to my wife a few years back. it was still very disappointing on the part of citibank. joanne, my wife (she was still my girlfriend back then), received a notice in her billing that she took out a personal loan from her citibank credit card. so she called up customer service to complain that she didn't apply for the loan. they told her that they already sent the money to her office. however, the money didn't reach her.

apparently, the courier was stupid enough to leave the money with the receptionist or guard and not give it directly to joanne. citibank didn't listen to her reasoning and still wanted her to pay the loan. good thing the amount wasn't that large. after paying, the credit card was of course discontinued.

citibank sucks!

I cancelled mine 2 years ago, since i cannot redeem point for rewards, a year after that, they start calling me and trying to pursue me to get a new one promising this and that!Good I didn't get a new one, and BETTER that you blogged about them.

Yeah!!!! *hitibank sucks!!! I have a long due balance of 8000 but to my surprise it reached 30000. What the hell kind if interest and penalties is that. - have talked to the so called law office they've given. And told me to give installment just pay 5000 first and then they will call for t monthly installment dues. But to my dismay after I pay the 5000, days, weeks, and months past no calls from the so called lawyers returned. Then come another day tt they called me that I have dues needed to pay. F***!!!! Cut the crop. Calculating I only have 3000 balance for the principal, and yet they claim that my dues is 35000. F****!!! We should have a law that will protect the creditors from this impartial interest and penalties imposed by citibank credit cards!!!

Very wel said.. sbra WORST service evr! spread ds link mor til it reaches citibank's top execs!

I aplied 4 Citibank 3/4 yrs ago n waitd 67 days wud u belve!?!? i got so PISSED i canceled my applctn!

Now wid all der promos I aplied again..gues wat!?! it took dem almost 2 months b4 admitng der courier had a prob n wud sent d card in 2days..SORI 2 days wud mean 2yrs or evn 2 decades wid CITIBANK!!!!


citi card delivery is really a hell of big deal.
this doesn't happen with bpi and bdo. ( i have used all three)

Problems can indeed crop up in 3rd party services, in this case, the card delivery by Citibank's courier.... What was infuriating was the absence of a reaction from Citibank... Am a Ctibank depositor for the longest time and these incidents make me rethink of my banking relationship with them... The government certainly does not have the monopoly of inefficiency...

Customer service here in the Philippines generally suck. But I expected better of Citibank because it's a multinational company.

I have a bit of complaint about them too (regarding my last bill) but I don't want to bother na with their customer service.

I had a different experience with citibank and it was more on the positive side although there were rare occasions that I also experienced a bad customer service most especially when I tried to reach them via their phone hotline number. I think it is only their helpdesk support service and not their whole service after all.

Citibank always ask so many questions. They offered me an account and I accepted and said that I just need to fax my signature on a form and that's that. But a week later a guy calls me and asks for my business, how many employees I have, he even wants to talk to my secretary. I said "kala ko ba once nafax ok na, bakit ang dami mong tanong? Wag nalang pag ganyan" hehe So he stopped asking and ended the conversation. 2 weeks after I got my card. So it does take few weeks to get your credit card and you have to deal with so many questions. Cheers!

Since this looks like the perfect place to bash Citibank, here's my 2 centavos. I hate it when their sales agents call. Its okay that they offer their services, what I find really stupid is they have to ask for so many details that they should have known in the first place. They say its okay since its secure...for who? They called why ask? I should be the one asking them the questions to verify if its really legit.

I have a banking relationship with Citibank since 1995. And I hold 3 of their cards. Now I'm seriously considering switching to other banks - Citibank is NOT pro-active in handling customer calls. (This blog confirms a similar experience of mine with Citibank.)

I'm from the U.S. and will be retiring soon and have been shopping around for a bank that I can use both here and in the Philippines. At first, I was considering opening up an account with the Citibank here but reading all the bad services, why bother using this bank at all!!!

They claim that their courier service is to blame. Yet, they keep the anonymity of their courier service! You see, I opt to get a second Ctibank Credit Card (what a f*cking mistake it was) last August. It was supposed to be delivered to our home address. Now, for all the stupidity in the world, Citibank's courier service (as Citibank claimed) tried to send it using my office address, without my authorization. When I found this out, I ask Citibank to redirect it to my home address and they said yes. It is now October 17, and I haven't recieved my parcel. Citibank claims that there was a problem with their courier service. We're having Meralco problems because of Citibank. You see, our Meralco bills go directly to this Citibank Credit Card. Meralco claims that our Sept bill has been settled already. Citibank claims otherwise, that our Meralco bill for Sept has not been charged using this second Citibank Credit Card! Everyone, please do not patronize Citibank. Only a massive boycott of their service would likely correct their ways. Up to until then, their "bad performing" customer service agents are in no threat of termination and they will not take this matter seriously, so please tell your friends, family members and just about everyone, to change banks, do not make any transaction with Citibank, and withold any form of business with Citibank.

Totally agree with 1st commenter.

If you have tried Smart Bro or even just smart communications or PLDT for that matter, then you would know what's worst.

WORST service talaga!
I was a victim of fraud YET it wasn't resolved. When I had my card cut and refused to pay the balance - it was only then that they did soemthing about it. After that, I cancelled ALL of my cards with citibank and I vow NEVER to have a Citibank card again. Nadala na ako..

Hi, I tried to apply as a TELEsales officer with this company " CITIBANK". After reading all your comments regarding their flaws and stupidity, I dont know if I will pursue my training with them. Bad services and inhumane collecting of debts sila. Nakakainis lang I already signed a contract with them and 2 weeks na no calling for when the start of the training. I hope you guys who have read this blog, Sana dont generalize all the employees of citibank. Like me,I am seeking for a BETTER CAREER.. I hope this company make a HUGE DIFFERENCE especially with their not so good "IMAGE"...

BDO or Metrobank!

BUT i believe that if Globe's CSR are stupid. Smart's is utterly rude.

worst ever customer service...more than 2 years after my husband cancelled his card and left for australia...we return to find out they continue billing and charging interest and penalties for the stupid annual fee...

Citibank Philippines is really really bad. I cannot say it's the worst because I didn't use any other banks in the Philippines. It also lied about some mistake it made on a transaction and took almost two months to rectify a problem. For that, I have no patience for stupidity and canceled the account and moved to HSBC. Let's hope HSBC is not a disappointment.

Hi, same situation. Still waiting for my replacement card after more than a month of waiting and until now they cannot give me the reasons why until now i havent receive my platinum visa card.

everytime i email and call them they just say they are still checking always the same answer. And if you complain is more than one month they will say they will block the card for security purposes. Security purposes? they dont even know where is my card.LOL


I have this experience in my recent bill with citibank. There was a bill dated january 2010 purchased from Watson. I called their customer service and asked for explanation. They just said, it shows in their system and if i want them to provide the billing details i need to pay them for producing the details. Imagine... when did Watson offered deferred payment system and come to think of it 11 months deferral. I ask them, do we have some sort of protection from this anomalous billings... they just said, "we can't do anything. it shows on the system, only a little late". nyek!
Call DTI for help!

I just received and used my citibank ccard for my christmas shopping..i let a friend to buy her notebook with my card using the paylite grr..i am now thinking of cancelling this card and stay with my bdo after 3months [paylite]

thanks for the post btw!

stop complaining people. we are all complaints. patience lang. experienced the same thing. i was fortunate i had a friendly citibank agent to assist me even after raising my voice on the phone for a very long wait on my card arrival.

anyway, when i finally got it, the agent called and confirmed that i have received my card. see, not everyone is full of **** in the world, you just have to communicate in a civilized manner.

stop complaining people. we are all complaints. patience lang. experienced the same thing. i was fortunate i had a friendly citibank agent to assist me even after raising my voice on the phone for a very long wait on my card arrival.

anyway, when i finally got it, the agent called and confirmed that i have received my card. see, not everyone is full of **** in the world, you just have to communicate in a civilized manner.


Hi, same situation. Still waiting for my replacement card after more than a month of waiting and until now they cannot give me the reasons why until now i havent receive my platinum visa card.

everytime i email and call them they just say they are still checking always the same answer. And if you complain is more than one month they will say they will block the card for security purposes. Security purposes? they dont even know where is my card.LOL

worst ever customer service...more than 2 years after my husband cancelled his card and left for australia...we return to find out they continue billing and charging interest and penalties for the stupid annual fee...

Very wel said.. sbra WORST service evr! spread ds link mor til it reaches citibank's top execs!

I aplied 4 Citibank 3/4 yrs ago n waitd 67 days wud u belve!?!? i got so PISSED i canceled my applctn!

Now wid all der promos I aplied again..gues wat!?! it took dem almost 2 months b4 admitng der courier had a prob n wud sent d card in 2days..SORI 2 days wud mean 2yrs or evn 2 decades wid CITIBANK!!!!

Yeah!!!! *hitibank sucks!!! I have a long due balance of 8000 but to my surprise it reached 30000. What the hell kind if interest and penalties is that. - have talked to the so called law office they've given. And told me to give installment just pay 5000 first and then they will call for t monthly installment dues. But to my dismay after I pay the 5000, days, weeks, and months past no calls from the so called lawyers returned. Then come another day tt they called me that I have dues needed to pay. F***!!!! Cut the crop. Calculating I only have 3000 balance for the principal, and yet they claim that my dues is 35000. F****!!! We should have a law that will protect the creditors from this impartial interest and penalties imposed by citibank credit cards!!!

Parang sindikato... gumagawa ng mga moves para later ihahabla nila sa atin. Sukat ba naman padalhan ako ng letter ng mga promos nila para sa mga card holder e hanggang ngayon wala pa sa kamay ko yung credit card! Nung tinawagan ko sinabi nanaman na according sa courier daw nagmove out ako! E bakit ang letter nila nakarating sa akin?! Nag aalala lang ako baka sa susunod billing na ipadala! Nagdeclare ako sa customer service na kausap ko na hindi ko na itutuloy dahil nakakuha na ako ng card sa ibang company. Then tumawag siya ng "closure officer" daw kaso wala daw available mga 3 to 4 banking days pa raw! lapsed na yung commitment nila hangang ngayon wala pang tumatawag.
Yung mga call center nila sindikato rin yang mga yan! Sukat ba naman tumawag hinihingi card number ko for verification daw, ang kulit sabi ko wala pa yung card sa akin! sino ba naman ang hindi magdududa sa mga moves nilang ganito?

100% Agree. Citibank Sucks. I had a dispute in my credit card. Double billing. They require me to send a dispute letter and fax it to them. I requested if I can send it thru email(scanned) and they said they don't have a facility for attachement (WTF? I'm not asking about their messaging facility online, I was aking for an email it seems they won't like to send out email addresses) I don't have a fax at home so I need to go out of my way and find a fax service just to have it faxed to them. Guess what, while at the fax machine all I get is either a busy tone or a constant ringing tone. BWISET! So the next day I had to send the fax again. At around 3:45pm, same thing, their stupid fax is not working. Until around 4:30pm, their stupid fax machine is not answering. Just imagine, I've spent a couple of hours just to have it faxed to them. Grrrrr! If they can just make it easy for their clients to submit these things. All I'm asking is their email address. Just 1 email address. I'm pretty sure at least 1 of their credit card dispute staff/supervisor/manager/VP has an email address. Why can't they just give it? Why not create a generic email address and use that instead???? Citibank Sucks! Bigtime!

I never had a problem with them and I got my card 15 years ago. I had it replaced once when it was misplaced; I just called it in and got the replacement in a couple of weeks. I also had to call in an erroneous transaction in my bill once and they gave back my credits with no problem. So maybe I'm one in a million?

I was googling for people with bad experiences with their citibank credit card and came accros this site. WOW! I thought my friends were just exaggerating about their experiences. So the chismis IS true! ... So here's my experience. I decided to end all my 3 cards with Citibank and settle the amount on an installment basis. Just when I was on the last month of my installment (with a balance of P3,000), my bill suddenly increased to P6,000!!! this was enterred as "Interest adjustment". I called up the bank and they said it's a standard thing. "Standard" as they put it, means they can add anything just when you think you're finally done with them!
So, if there's anyone there who's thinking of getting a card with Citibank - DON'T!!! ... If you think you don't have any problem now - THINK AGAIN!!! I had the same thoughts too, that this is just another story. Hey, if you want proof, I'll send you my bill so you can see for yourself... Tried talking with their people, but I feel I'm just wasting my time. My thoughts - THEY JUST DON'T WANT YOU TO LEAVE SO THEY KEEP ON ADDING PENALTIES AND CHARGES BEYOND WHAT THE LAW ALLOWS!!!... Am going to consult a lawyer on this for now. ---- Mad Mom

I myself am losing my top the whole day today as citibank philippines is so fast in charging for annual fees considering i had called them a month ago to cancel my credit card through their hotline number. To my surprise, i received an email charging me for the same credit card's annual fee with additional charges when i was told it's been cancelled when i spoke to their customer service then and it was a long distance call just to ensure cancellation. So i sent them an email response to tell them of my call the previous month and get me off their credit card membership. Just now, i received another email from them, telling me to call them thru their hotline number....AGAIN!!! The first phone call obviously didn't work, the email didn't work as well, what good would another call make when they don't do anything...ggrrrrrr!!! They are fast when charging yet slowwwwwwwwwwww in comprehension on actual service!!!

citibank really sucks! my dad has been paying his credit shield protect insurance thinking that he won't be giving any problem to his family in case he get ill or die. but then it's a real problem in our family now. last december 2010 my dad suffered from stroke. we were using his credit card to pay some hospital bills and when we got out from the hospital we called for installment payment and the customer service just answered us WE DON'T HAVE PROMO NOW FOR THAT" then we decided to use the credit shield my dad had, when we submitted the documents needed they replied as that they cannot honor it since the stroke is temporary. in medical temporary temporary can means temporary but the person will never be back to normal especially in the case of stroke. then in their credit shield website it says "CreditShield PLUS provides peace of mind to you and your loved ones. Your family need not worry about your credit card bills if you pass away, become temporarily or permanently disabled, or are diagnosed with a covered critical illness. CreditShield PLUS softens the financial impact on you and your family, especially if you have other financial obligations. CreditShield PLUS is the first and only credit card protection in the market that covers the seven common critical illnesses. In case of first diagnosis of:
(1) Blindness
(2) Cancer
(3) Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery
(4) Heart Attack
(5) Kidney Failure
(6) Major Organ Transplant Surgery and
(7) Stroke

CreditShield PLUS will pay for your total outstanding balance up to 120% of your regular credit limit, maximum of P600,000 per cardholder.

and now our family is pissed off with their service. their collecting department keeps on calling us to pay our balance. we ask them to give us contact person to address our complaint and nobody called us up, instead they keep on caling us to pay. citibank.......

they want us to pay them, we want this to be settled but they cannot give us what we ask for.

Wow, how awful! I have my own issue with them, not with credit cards but with their palengke-style of making cold calls to people to offer personal loans and whatever else. They don't act like a multinational company anymore. To think that I've been with them since the 80s when they were really impressive product- and customer service-wise.


Good thing you did not get card from citibank! If I could only turn back time I should've refused them!  such an agonizing experience with them! NEVER GET CITIBANK CREDIT CARD!

I assume you don't have your card anymore? What happened to you ba?

googled citibank complaints thus me reading your site. i just got off the phone with ctnbak & requested a balance conversion -- being a 10+ yr long card holder -- (& other card companies easily provide such a service) but lo and behold -- di daw pwde because theyre not offering it daw & they have no say about that -- marketing lang daw -- a convenient excuse. but if it is they who need a customer to avail something -- they call & call & call -- but if a customer wants to request something -- it all depends on this & that. customer service have no say. POINT IS -- they always have to have the upper hand. 

That's why I'm never tempted with their promos. The relationship seems to be temporary and short term. Once they got you as their customer, it's a goodbye for customer service. That's what I'm assuming in the stories below.

even with their savings account they dont value their clients. will just give you their stupid turn around times and worse different agents will give you different information. i just hated this bank.  

Are you still transacting with them?

the irony of having a citibank ad on this page of your blog. 

I know right? Haha! It's Google that uses the content of the site.

on a more serious note, i have a problem with citibank too. I called for a cash advance last September 14 and it had been approved on the same day. They told me that they have deposited the 55k that I have requested on my indicated pnb savings account last September 20 so I waited 2-3 banking days for the clearing date so I can withdraw it from my account. On the 23rd I called up again to gain an update my request since it was still not reflecting on my bank account and the Citi phone officer that I talked to said that there was an amendment with the transaction date. The cheque containing my 55k was deposited on the 22nd instead of the I decided to again patiently wait. During the supposed "clearing time" I called on my pnb home branch to check whether such deposit had been made and they said that it didn't reflect on their system and it seems to be that such transaction didn't even exist. The bad news is up until now, the 55k is still nowhere to be found and even more bad news for me is that I have to pay that 55k which I didn't even received. I called them a lot of times already since Monday and they always said that they are going to give me an update within the day which they never did, One officer even said that they are going to follow up on the courier that did the deposit. I am so pissed off because all the citi phone officers that I talked to gave me different dates of deposit and  their various departments seem not to be addressing the problem. And the department that handles the money transaction should know something about what happened to their courier! If you're a bank you should be concerned where the 55 thousand a client requested ended up to right? 
I am still going to give them the benefit of the doubt since there was a typhoon yesterday and it might caused the delay in the transactions. Right now I don't know who's to blame whether it is the PNB or the Citibank. 
that's why I found your blog cause I was googling for Citibank consumers that share the same experiences that I had

I also have the same experience when iI requested for a cash advance pin,,, Its fake,the "Courier" thing is just an alibi...

I had almost the same experience sad to say with my Citibank
credit card. Just imagine, I've been banking with Metrobank and BDO for several
years and I didn't have any problem with my credit. Their bils come on time, I
mean their couriers were jsut great and timely. Not with Citibank's cuz after I
used their card, it's my 10th month I guess paying their bills and yet I just
received like 3-4 bills only and worse than that was they promised to send me
the online bill in my email and yet, no email statement was received. The
customer service called and told me, I should look into my spam mailsbut not
even one statement was there! What is good is they reverse the penalty charges
after realizing the problem on their part. They recersed lke 5 to six panalty fees! Imangine that? I hope if there
are Citibank officers who by chance read this blog created by Glen Ong, pls
address our complaints which we continue to pass on here in FB! Then lastly, I
came accross the worst customer agent in the name of Melody ( I won't give the
last name) who didn't know what customer care means, she should have been
trained on how to respectfully handle their clientele! I just found this link
while looking for the email of top management customer care of Citibank, does
anybody know where I should file my complaint? May this reach Citbank too!

Hello! Don't fret. Who knows, maybe you are lucky not to be experiencing any bad thing from Citibank :D

Good to find this site.
Had a citibank card that i'd been using for so many years - but decided to have it cancelled a few months ago after trying to request (and was refused) for an annual fee waiver.  Last week Citibank called me up on my mobile asking whether I still have the card with me, as accordingly their management had "reviewed my account" and is re-offering the card with the annual fee already waived and "would resend a replacement card" if I already disposed the old card.  Well, too late - i already cut the card in pieces on the same day i advised the card for cancellation !!  Now all my family members are happily using BPI card.
Clearly, citibank call agents or " citiphone officers" do not (or have not been trained to) have any business foresight at all.

I am happily using HSBC and BPI too. No problems at all on anything, including the waving of annual fee, billing, claiming of rewards, etc. 

And, same as you, I cut my Citibank card too right after receiving it.

Same story here. Citibank doesn't value my 17 long years of being a cardholder. BPI has given me a lifetime free membership.
My card is expiring Oct 31, 2011. In mid-Sep, I received a text message informing me that the courier was not able to deliver the renewal card at my residence address, which is a lot of non-sense. I called them up to have it delivered in my office address, it is more accessible. After five calls and five promises of delivery with the usual lengthy interrogation (they call it verification) for each call, not to mention the idiotic responses from their customer agents, NOTHING so far. (Example of idiotic response when I told the agent that previously it was promised that the renewal card will be delivered Monday next week and it's Tuesday already, the answer was "iba naman ang kausap niyo dati eh") 

Inefficient na nga, bastos pa sumagot ang call center agents. It's up to you if you really want to keep that card. As for me, even if the card arrived, I couldn't put my trust to the brand anymore after what happened to me.

I love BPI!

I am now curious which courier company handle these stuffs?  Hmmm.  I believe their lack of efficiency won't be seen in :)

I have same problem with citibank, I made a call for cash last October 6, as per Citibank it would take 5 - 7 working days before I receive my check. I needed the money because I resigned from my previous employer and my salary got withheld as I have monthly dues to pay which fall within the 15th and 30th of the month. But until now I yet to receive the check, I made a series of follow ups since October 19 onwards but still the status of my application is "In Progress". WTF!! they made a commitment that they will process it within 5 to 7 working days until now it seems that they are sitting on their hands. It causes too much discomfort on my part as I really needed the money that will serve as my backup funds, definitely Citibank' service really SUCKS!. I should HSBC instead.

Oh my! That's sad to hear. I highly recommend HSBC or BPI. 

Actually I made a mistake, I should have chosen HSBC instead despite higher rates, what's nice about HSBC when I asked them to waive my service charge because I forgot to pay my monthly bill on time, they agreed.So I'm really satisfied with HSBC.

Wow,that's good to hear. I always make it a point to pay on time. Sayang interest eh. Hehe.

Hi citibank really sucks! While im typying this msg, i'm on queue waiting for a citibank rep to answer the phone..been waiting for more than 30mins...i did'nt receive my nov statetement. When i called them in november they told me that i already incurred late charges, told em that i still hasnt received my statement so they shld waive the fee..the girl that i talked agreed but i told her that ill be paying my due once i receive the statement. She said shell request me at new one. I called again and talked to a guy, still in novmber, then he said that the request has gone though. Late nov, icalled again gabe, the,rep, that i talked to should be coachd, the manner how she talked to me was very condescending...she should undergo cust serv 101...anyway, i asked her to ask her supervisor to call of this time it's already december, i still havent reveiced my statement nor a phonecall from them, and did i just tell you that after waiting on the phone for more than 30mins almost an hour i just suddenly heard a busy tone?

Yes bpi is good. Its my first credit card and im still using it til now

Haay. I don't know if they're doing anything to fix these kinds of issues.

Im starting to not like citibank also. They keep changing their sign on page for credit card... now they asked for the full credit card number, the last 3 digit at the back, expiration date and the last 4 digit of home phone number, its like using the credit card to buy something. Now I cant log in.. Service sucks~!

I guess they're finding ways to improve security.

i cancelled my citibank card too. i'm happy with hsbc, bpi and security bank.

You're only the person I know who has a Security Bank CC. Hehe. Anything good about it?

from experience, east west bank has the worst service. don't get that card if you intend to

i havent had a problem with citibank credit card, they can waive my annual fee once i call them. i guess im one of the lucky ones :D

You're a lucky one or perhaps a huge spender :)

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Just sharing my frustration regarding this bank's very poor service.  Haven't received any billing statement in the past 4 months, been paying by getting the amount online or calling customer service for it.  Now, I've been busy during this month and forgot to pay my bills since I didn't get any statement - which is of course my reminder that I have to pay something.  Now my card is on hold due to late payments.  What crap.  So I called customer service to get the whole amount I'm supposed to be paying.  Told her I'm having my card cancelled once I pay everything.   What happens?  The customer service rep I was talking to wasn't even sympathetic.  Almost as if she was encouraging me to have my card cancelled - even advised me to pay some bullshit cancellation fee.  

We dislike Citibank! I'll never give them another chance.

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It's even worse when they stuff up your card linked to your mortgage and line of credit. You know that they understand the words when you speak them, but for some reason cannot link them together to make sense of them.  Empathy is a totally foreign/meaningless word for the Citibank Philippine Call Centre.

We also had a bad experience with Citibank.... Our credit card was expired since March... and till know ( after 3 months) we didn't receive the new card yet. It always happen that way every time we have to renew our credit card..... Never get improve quality service . Citibank really make us very disappointed !! Very poor quality service !!

I'm happy with my Citibank Visa too, they even sent me Toyota Visa and 2 supplementary cards free for life. I also get call-4-cash every now and then for 0.79% a month. They also waive my annual fees.

I have a worst experience with standard charter bank. After my card got approve, they send it to my office without any notification. When my secretary tried to received i,t the courier refused which was understandable. But when I called their hotline several times for redelivery, it never happened again. After more than a year later when I had already forgotten about my card. My wife received her supplementary card. She was able to used it for more than a month and I even received a bill for it which I readily paid, I decided to follow up my card since I was the principal after all. Instead of sending my principal card, they promptly terminated my wife' supplementary card without any explanation and asked me to apply again. When I applied again, they happily declined it, again without any explanation despite my submission of numerous good standing and high credit limit cards from other reputable banks.

I applied for cebu pacific citi card, afterr 10 days i Received sms that informed me that my card already approved. But when i call customer service?, di daw nila makita name ko..

Weird system! I'm never applying *for* Citibank again.

You would've been much luckier if they had just totally screwed up and never sent a card to you at all. My mistake was to get a Citibank card in the first place. Their handling of disputed transactions basically goes: We'll pretend to reverse the transactions, but then we'll sneakily put some of them back in later. When you ask them for proof of these transactions (e.g. ask for a charge slip), they will NEVER send it to you and you will forever have them on your statement accumulating interest.

Oh wait, you did end up canceling their credit card. That is a huge blessing in disguise which you might not be aware of.

i was going through searches on ways how to contact citi bank and i eventually found this. guess what guys, after more than 2 years. they havent improved anything..

its true citibank is the worst credit card i 've encountered.....

Ako naman maganda ang service na pinakita ng citibank sakin. I got a text from them yesterday informing me na approved ang credit card application ko with them and that i should expect the card in 5 days. Wow ang gulat ko lang kasi the very next day dumating na agad yung card. Im so happy with citibank's fast delivery of my card :)

They are absolutely the worst! They keep on calling me when my bill isn't due in 3 days! I was literally holding my statement when they called again (4th time that day) and flat out told them "do you know that my bill isn't due in 3 days?! then why are you calling me? call me when I've missed a payment. Don't pester someone who makes their payments on time."

Citibank? BDO? BPI? EWB? SCB? SBC?

All Fool!!!!!!

all banking service here are not good at all. but when ur damn rich u can have it all. =)

True! Just the same thing that happened to me.



ausin nyo nmn ang service nyo para la kayo naabalang tao..antgal nyo n pla me problema paulit ulit lng

just wait :) they will screw you over once they get a chance :)

This piece was written in 2010 and it's now 2015 and i could still emphatize with these complaints. Poor service. Really. 5 years and the same things happen. First with the delivery of cards and now with the crediting of my getgo points. They really have to hire a number of customer service officers to answer queries. I applied for this card because the free roundtrip ticket to sg is really attractive. I got an approval last july. Complied with all their requirements by 2nd week of august and until now havent gotten that gift. And customer service officers are either not efficient, repetitive and seems to be uninterested even if i use the calmest voice. Citibank is a disappointmenr.

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Up until now they have the worst service. I hate citibank

my husband was looking for a form earlier today and used a business with 6 million forms . If others are wanting it also , here's a

After six years, same experience here. they always blame the courier. Poor service!

i share your sentiment. These Citibank call center agents are arrogant and have the audacity to insult the banks CC holders, also because of Citibank's being complacent to their CC holders complaints. Plus these call center agents are haughty enough to be rude and disrespectful to the bank's CC holders because they know that is the loop hole in Citibank's system. They don't have a hotline for the CC's complaints, sa mga call center agents na mga yan pa rin ang bagsak natin. Also dahil alam nila na wala tayong hard evidence na hinahawakan on how they rudely treated us, because nasa kanila din ang record nang conversation natin.

They have the worst and crappiest service ever! Napaka bastos talaga nang customer representative nila. In my 7 years of having CC's from different banks, I just had the worst experience with Citibank's customer service representative today. I've never been insulted by any of their Customer service representative other CCs I have with other banks. Only from Citibank! I was still talking and explaining the situation of my transaction with the merchant with their CC, she butts' in and was talking so fast having no intention, giving no crap to try to listen to what i was explaining to her. I ask her to let me to please listen and let me finish first before going "yadayada". (Note: Citibanks' Toll-free number for provinces DOES NOT WORK! Why the H*** do they still put that number on their CCs if it does not work?! So, I had to call their manila landline number using my mobile just coz the landline I was using has no direct dialling. Therefore I was the one paying for the call time to talk to her.) After asking her to please listen and let me finish first, she still kept on talking. I was irritated by her disrespectful attitude, I asked her again to let me finish so she could understand what i'm driving at, but to no avail. I asked her, once "Are going to let me finish?" at walang pasubali akong sinagot with a haughty tone "NO". I could not believe my ears! Again I asked her the same question again and she again answered me repeatedly with the same arrogant haughty tone "NO. NO.NO. Thank you for calling." That's it no apology what-so-ever. I was fuming mad with her, right there and then i called her BASTOS several times and na high blood na ako by the time I turn my phone off. She she has no respect at all, she was not only being rude and insulting, she was also audacious about it.

I was looking online for an email address of Citibank's management to complain about that incident and my awful experience, na walang kwenta call center agents nila. I was planning to write and file a formal complaint to Citibank management with my being insulted by their very very very disrespectful customer service representative, but same with what you've aired out they don't have an email address. I was really itching on sending my complaint the Citibank regarding the treatment I experience earlier today because I have hard evidence on my side. Because that phone conversation I had with that call center agent was recorded on my phone. Atat akong i attach ang clip nun sa complaint ko to email to Citibank. And as what you've shared with you're experience i believe they don't have proper channeling for the complaints of their CC holders.

I may like their easy call for cash and their shell 5% rebate... but after being insulted by their agent who has no qualms for being audacious in insulting a CItibank card holder. Being with Citibank for 2 or 3 years, after being treated by their agent that does not care at all that you bring in business or money to Citibank, I will definitely have all my Citibank CC cancelled asap.

I love HSBC. It may have higher rate and lesser rebate on gas, but i'd rather be with HSBC who has agents who respects the bank's CC holders. Than endure Citibank's rude, disrespectful and audacious call center agents.

This Bank is really BullShit...!! I also have a very bad experience just recently with my personal Loan. My Check for Personal Loan was supposed to be delivered Last November 27, 2017 but to my dismay no delivery has come to my office and I also cancelled my meetings to make sure that I will be available when the carrier arrives. And when I made a follow-up to the customer service they told me that the check was cancelled by the carrier for the reason that I am out of coverage. What the heck! no one has informed me or even called me to give the status of delivery. Here I come again, I was told by the costumer service to reapply the loan and they'll make sure that it will be delivered at this time. Of course I gave them another chance since I also needed the money and I already gave-up some banks that also approved my loan because CITI bank has given the approval first (First Come, First Serve!). They set the delivery just this December 28, 2017 @ 9-10am. To make sure that the check will be delivered, I constantly made a follow-ups from December 26 & 27 and they made an assurance that the check already on schedule for delivery. Here comes December 28, Charan! Of course I was so excited because I can now pay my bills. However, strike two! no carrier arrives, I made a call for customer service 2 times in the morning and 2 times in the afternoon. They only told me that I should wait for another day since the carrier has its own duration for delivery. Then I waited until the next day. But then when I made a call for customer service to ask the status, they told me that my loan was cancelled already by the system. WTF!!!! is going on. How come it was cancelled when the customer himself was constantly making communications for the status of delivery... How come that my credit card was delivered to my office but the check wasn't? and the reason is out of coverage? Logic Please!!!. I don't really understand how their fucking system works. That moment I cancelled the loan transaction together with my credit card but I will never pay all the balances I have on my card!!! This is really some kind of bullshiting... I'll wait for their customer service to call me asking to pay my balance, then they'll know what was I felt when they made some bullshits with me...

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Worst bank! Been only with them for a couple of months and issues left and right. They are not crediting my points right. They are not giving me the amount that is reflected in my statement. I already have 3 tickets with them and nothing is getting resolved. Customer service keeps telling you lies. Each time I call, they tell me something different. We'll verify with marketing. We'll check with the Back-end department. We have an outage. We have a known issue. It's been 3 months already! They even took 2 whole months to credit my 5,000 welcome gift AFTER I met the criteria in their promo. Unbelievable. Worst bank ever. They treat their customers like shit.

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