Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day Dinner at Mandarin Sky

Happy Mother's Day to your mom, to her mom, and to her mom's mom! Wherever you are in the world, we should be thankful that we have a mother to nurture, care, love, and discipline us.

May 9 marks quite a historical date for our family, as we dine out at Mandarin Sky Seafood and Shabu-Shabu Restaurant to celebrate mother's day -- an occasion we don't usually celebrate. At first, mom requested to watch a movie, but plans changed so we had dinner instead. The staff there welcomed my mom with a rose to commemorate the said occasion.

Knowing that this is a shabu-shabu restaurant (meaning there's a soup and you have to put in seafood, vegetables, meat, etc.), we were initially thinking of having that. But the hunger and laziness in us made us choose otherwise. Let me describe the aspects of the restaurant one by one.

Interiors and Ambiance. The restaurant was well-lit, had simple wall designs and ceiling lamps. The back-padding of the "sofa" chairs were colored yellow and printed with Chinese words. However, the spacing between the chair and table was too narrow. Also, because the table has a heating panel for the shabu-shabu type of eating, space for food is quite small if you order a lot.

Parking. We didn't have a hard time parking, because there were quite a lot to park at around the area. There were people, including guards, assisting us while we're parking and when we're about to leave.

Restaurant Staff. Waiters of the restaurant didn't know what a specific dish is like, what it contains, and how it tastes. Only a select people knew how to answer our questions, so we ordered the usual food we order as with other restaurants.

Food Service. Though the place had many people (almost full), our food didn't take too much time to arrive. We were surprised at how fast the food came to our table one after the other -- which is why we had a problem on where to put it, as mentioned above.

Finally, the food. Here are some of the pictures I took with their descriptions and prices.

Cold Cuts (white chicken, century egg, seaweeds, pork, asado) for Php300

Spinach with Garlic for Php180

Sizzling Squid with Tausi for Php280

Chicken with 3 Cup Sauces for Php280

Iced Mango Sago for Php85

Snowballs (like butchi covered with coconut bits) for Php60

Mandarin Sky's dishes aren't the best in town, but can be considered satisfying enough for first timers like us. Improvements can be given on dishes like the squid to make it more chewy and soft, the iced mango sago to make it sweeter, the spinach to make it a bit saltier, etc.

Try it for yourself and let us know how you think. If you've tasted it before, how was your experience?

Open since November 2009
Mandarin Sky Seafood & Shabu-Shabu Restaurant
Banawe corner Atok Street, Quezon City
7405783 / 7406134


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