Thursday, April 29, 2010

"What makes you, as a Filipino, happy?"

Summer is the best time for fun, sun, adventure, friends, and explorations!

Work takes most of our time (and our life) after we leave the academe and start our journey up the corporate ladder. We sometimes forget that we also need to take the time off and enjoy our lives. As a Filipino, we have the innate traits of being friendly, loving, and adventurous. As such, showing these to people very dear to my heart is what makes me the happiest.

A gathering of friends to try out something new and/or adventurous makes me want to shout, "This is life! This is happiness!"

Going on a raft and facing the big currents of Cagayan De Oro...

Taking a 6-hour travel on a bus alone just to catch my friends overnight at Baguio...

Meeting new people and do activities that have lessons on teamwork and camaraderie...

...or just spending one day in the beautiful Shangri-la Mactan to experience the beach and man-made pool for the first time...

Indeed, the simple joys of being with friends create a long-lasting experience that fills the heart with happiness.


I always wanna go on a raft. Nice pics!

the raft looks scary but cool at the same time..wanna try it one day

yun ba un? masaya na kayo non?

To Anonymous: Wala ka siguro trabaho. That's why you don't appreciate those kind of stuffs. BUM. :))

those stuff will make you happy for awhile, but those are not the things that make Filipino as a whole Happy, petiksprommers ur such a bum too...

pwede rin maging source ng happy yan!! peru What makes you, as a Filipino, happy???? Being with our Family!!!

the raft looks scary but cool at the same time..wanna try it one day

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