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LTO License Plate Verification

You may have heard of stories where car owners are accused that the car they're driving is not duly registered, even if they show the Official Receipt - LTO Car Registration. This, of course, is just a tactic for policemen to get bribe money.

Verification of license plates may come handy at anytime you need it, especially when you face odd situations during checkpoints or when you want to verify the registration of a second-hand car you're planning to buy.

Know how to get a verification through SMS after the jump.

According to Lito Villarama of LTO, they have a new verification system for any Car Plate number, whether they are used in old/brand new cars or whether it is filed genuinely at any LTO office or not. Through the use of your mobile phone, just key in the following:
LTO(space)VEHICLE(space)XXX000 and send to 2600

An auto-generated reply will be received after a few seconds/minutes after sending. The message will include the information such as Car Plate, Model, Year, Color, Date of Last Registration, LTO Aprehension (if any), and LTO Alarm (if any). Each successful inquiry will cost you P2.50.

I tried this out by sending an inquiry about our car's registration, and I got a reply that states the following:

Plate no: the175/Make: mitsubishi/ Model: lancer/ Year: 1993/ Color: m.blue/ Registered last 05/18/2009, has no LTO apprehension, has no LTO alarm.

Other LTO services are indicated below:

Try it out for yourself and comment below. Are there any discrepancies with your car's records?


is this applicable to all branches of lto??? like cebu city, bohol, or somewhere??? thanks...

@Ching: You can try texting the keywords above. I'm not sure if LTO has a centralized system. If they do, then perhaps you'd be able to receive the pertinent info on your cellphone

very helpful... made my research for a special plate number easier =) Thanks!

very helpful bro. thanx for the info. can I ask another question bro. how can i be so sure that the car I'm bying is not a hotcar? tnx

@ zcharina: News said it's best to consult LTO and NBI if buying second hand cars, especially the high-end ones.

very helpful bro. thanx for the info. can I ask another question bro. how can i be so sure that the car I'm bying is not a hotcar? tnx

i try just now there is no reply. andy

is it applicable too for taxi cabs like for example AYS718 plate number because the reply i got was, "sorry you sent the wrong plate number"?

Hi folks. I'm not sure if it still works till now. This post was back in 2009. I tried texting now, but got no reply. :( Maybe their contract with Globe has ended? Not sure.

how about the color how can we check ?

Anonymous - The color is included in the reply

how about the color how can we check ?

i try just now there is no reply. andy

the 2600 is not working for LTO anymore

I ha tried sending the inquiry to 2600, its not working anymore. Anyone who can help. I just bought a car, ORCR says its dark blue. On deed of sale its gray.. I have the car in the shop for repainting. How to confirm the official color, if its dark blue or gray? thanks

Better try to call LTO or visit them personally to check on records. I think that's kinda important especially if you get caught for some reason and you need to present registration.

2600 is working but the date of registration is always out of date.... im looking for a car and they say its already registered this 2011 and when I check it in 2600 it always says 2010... I think the info in 2600 is not updated

tnx! this is a lot of help!

gud am sa last plate number nang plate malalaman nyo na kung ano last registration kung aa butin ba sya nang 2010 or 2011 katulad nang last plate 6 june naregister sya hanggang 2009 paso pinarehistro mo ngayung 2011 january  2010 po automatic ang sticker mo kasi wala pa syang june naregisterd muna mag dadalwa rehistro ka for june for 2011 or w8 mo mag june paregister mo 2011 na kaso tagal w8 mo ganon din sa txt sa lto lalabas 2011 pero 2010 lang di check mo yung last register at plate ending malalaman muna pag di mo pa nakuha kaw na may poblema hehehe joke 

Sorry if it isn't anymore. This has been posted since last year

Requesting for punctuation please, so it can be easily understood. :) Thanks!

great post.. all power bro. thnks


Hi! Sorry, I cannot answer your question. I am not LTO.

please verify the plate number 4333-MJ . legal or not


Hi! Sorry, I won't be able to help you on that.

verify lang po motorcycle plate EP2183...legal or not

pls help me to check if my motorcycle was register this 2011, it was lost with my deed of sale at the compartment, the plate was ZT7967 HONDAWAVE125. thanks

Hi Kent! Please try using the text tool. If it doesn't work, please contact LTO.


I tried this on Cars and its ok. But can you pls show us how to verify a motorcycle plate? I am planning to get one and want to be sure na walang LTO alert. Thanks.

I tried it with Motorcycles with the same format sa pagtext and its ok :)

Thanks for your update that it works.

So guys, it works in both vehicles and motorcycles :)

sana mahuli nyo tong mamang driver na ito. red pick-up PLATE # BEN 828 inatrasan ang motor ko tinakbuhan pa ako! walangya. hinabol ko at ang sb lng pasensya grabe ang mga driver ngaun abusado.

Tsk tsk! You should report it to @MMDA or LTO.

hello! is there any hotline for lto? i tried to verify plate number via sms but the reply is they cannot process my request. 

Send your comments and/or suggestions to [email protected] or call the trunk line at 9229061 - 66 for help

I think mahalaga din na ilagay ang Complete name kung kanino naka register and plate number

kinuha po ang lisensya ko this morning (MAR. 22).....expired registration daw. WA3783 ang plate no. ko.....ano ba talaga ang ruling? ang alam ko, di pa naman talaga expired until MARCH ends.....tama ba?

ask ko lang po kung pwede magparehistro ng mototr kahit photocopy lng ung cr at or? namisplace ko kasi original , tnx!

Hi! Please ask LTO.

Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless handheld

can i ask LTO, may Digicam Lost in the taxi but i only know is the PLATE NUMBER.. what will i do?

Try calling LTO to know if they have record of taxi operator given plate number.
I'm not giving you negative hopes, but chances are the digicam won't be retrieved anymore coz we're in the Philippines. Unless of course the taxi driver is honest and the next passengers were honest.
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I tried texting on 2600 to verify a certain plate no but wasn't able to receive a reply.Please help. Thanks.

Why there's no reply from 2600 today? is the system down during holidays? Thanks...

I don't know.

Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless handheld

Sorry, I can't help. Please just try again.


Hi, kindly verify it on your own by following the instructions above. If it does not work, keep trying. I am not from LTO.

Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless handheld via www.glennong.com

naubos na lamang load ko kattxt dai lamang kiman baga reply,,palpak 

ask me lng po possible ba makapagpa change me ng kulay ng car me how much sya kung sakali?pm me [email protected] or 09097117496

Aware of Manila's high rate of police bribery, I'm not even surprised by this tactic of them. This information will surely come in handy for the Filipino citizen as they could avoid being tricked by these policemen.

It's not working anymore. Dati mabilis sumagot, ngaun, nakakalimang text na ko, wala pa ding reply. Sindikato ba to with the 

First attempt, "Sorry we cannot process your request right now. Please try again later."
Second attempt with a different plate number, no reply.

I tried it again around 9:30AM with the same plate numbers and it worked!

caution lang sa TAXI na to..THAN-THAN TAXI plate number TXZ 576..nagpahatid kami sa NAIA terminal 1 just this evening..after namin bumaba sa taxi minadali kmi ng driver na bumaba at di namin nakuha bagahe namin sa trunk ng taxi nya..we tried na habulin pero humarurot at di na namin naabutan pa..

Tried it 3x for the past 5 minutes, wala naman reply.

i am from gensan and recently acquired a motorcycle from yamaha 3s. last week, the liason officer told me that i should have had my motorcycle registration yet the encoder at lto gensan had encoded the wrong letters ( instead of encoding it QO ####, she mis-encoded it as MQ ####). what should i do so that i can use my motorcycle without fear of traffic enforcers/lto personnel apprehending me? why would i suffer the result of their (lto encoder) mistake......pls help

Hi, Jun. Sorry to hear that. You should definitely go back to where you registered and ask them to correct it. The next time you register such transportation vehicles, it's important that you check if it's right or wrong prior to leaving the center.

pwede pa ba mairehistro ang motocycle na last record ay year2001? ano ang kailangan documento?salamat po sa assistance

Hi Alex. I'm not from LTO, so I can't answer your question. Best if you call them or visit their office. Thanks!

Hi glenn,
Do you know how to get some information on another's vehicle plate and to whom it is registered (name, address,etc.)? My car was hit and run by another vehicle and the some witness got its plate number. Can you help me on this?

If you got the plate number, try texting LTO via the number given above and see from there. I can't help much since I'm not from LTO.

Got a reply for my newly bought 2nd hand car. thanks to the one that post this blog. By the stop asking stupid question on where to reg your car, what is the prize of changing color etc... Glenn already mentioned he is not from LTO. so stop posting really stupid question there are a lot of forums from other websites which you can discuss you inquiries..

hi.. nawala ang plate number ng motorsiklo ko.. hnd ko alam kung ninakaw oh nalaglag.. posible bang maka ibalik un.. at panu po makakuha ng bagong plate number.. anu-ano po ang mga requirements?

Hi! I suggest you call or visit LTO the soonest to know the requirements and steps on how to get a new plate.

ok lang naman po magparegister kahit photocopy ang o.r but you are required to submit affidavit of loss para don. sa C.r naman, photocopy lang talaga ang sinusubmit every renewal. Parang titulo mo na po yong C.R.

report that incident to LTO office po. Makikita po yan system nila, with regards to your querries. Pwede po ninyo ipaALARM sa LTO yong plate number ng sasakyan na nag hit and run sainyo. In that case di nya ma renew regitration ngsasakyan nya not unless na nagkasundo kayo ng maysala at maLIFT yong ALARM.

bago nyo po ma process ant malaman ang fees sa change color ng sasakyan nyo kumuha muna kayo ng highway patrol Clearance or HPG Clearance.tnx

the ending number po sa plate number nyo pertains to the month of renewal which is MARCH. yong number po before 3 is 8 dba? ang schedule po ng renewal ng registration with 8 as middle plate is from march 16-22 lang po. pag sa 23 mona iregister yan may may surcharge na yan na Php100. tnx

schedule of renewal for the plate number WA3783 is March 15-21 lang po. pag sa 22 na kayo mag register may surcharge na po yan na Php100. the Last number sa plate number po pertains to the month of renewal which is March. Yong middle plate po na 8 pertains to week. tnx

sir, ipa alarm mo po sa LTO ang plate number nya. Di po xa makapag renew ng regitration nya hangat di kayo nagkaareglo at di nyo naipalift yong alarm sa kanila...

pagsinabing encumbered ibig sabihin di pa po bayad yan sa companya na pinag uutangan ang sasakyan. pag na fully paid na po yan ang companya mismo na pinaguutangan ng sasakyan na yan ang xang magpapa cancel ng chattle mortgage nyo.

Ipa ALARM nyo pa sa LTO at ng matrace nyo po kong saan last na register yong motor nyo. Magsadya din po kayo sa HPG or Highway Patrol po magsampa po kayo ng reclamo doon apti sa LTO.

pumunta po kayo sa LTO at mag file ng ALARM. para makapagbayad yong nagpagas ng 1500. hehehehe

better go to the LTO office for SURE VERIFICATION...

nag upgrade po yong system ng LTO. di pa po fully ok yong takbo ng system nila better go to LTO for verification

before buying second hand cars always ask for a highway patrol clearance para sure kayo sa binibili nyong sasakyan

ask po for a HPG or Highway Patrol Clearance before buying. Naicrime lab po yan kaya malalaman kong carnapped o hindi.... tnx

always ask for a HPG or Highway Patrol Clearance bago ka bumili ng sasakyan to make sure hindi xa hotcar. naicrime lab yan eh. malalaman nila kong tampered tong engine at chassis number ng sasakyan po.

sorry to inform yo po on process pa po yong system upgrade ng LTO.


Hi! Please ask LTO for that. Thanks!



i bought used car toyota corolla 93, plate# PTK918, when i check 2600, always Sorry we cant process ur request. how will i know if this plate really exist. ty

good am po..asko ko lng sana ksi angtagal na nang confirmation namin na nerequest d pa rin na ka rating

hi glen, just wanna know kung anong lugar at district office ang code 0724? ty

Ganda umaga... Bakit ung mga na drop na plate numbers PUB-public utility bus ay nagagamit pa...? ehh...! Non existing na un mga plate numbers Di na Dapat ginagamit 4 public utily bus... Wala naman Linya or franchise... Colorum buses... DON ALDRIN BUS route pasay to indang... no case number, no insurance, Unregistered plate numbers and non existing plate are: DFA-484,, DVT-190,, DVT-266,, DEU-495,, DEZ-733,, DVR-993,, DVU-222,,, ECT!!!

maybe late regstration as of 2011 ang ngyari sa motor vehicle na bine verify mo? updated ang 2600. dun mkikita mo ang nake, year model, color at kung kailang nka reg pti na din kung may huli o wla.

good day !ask lng po ako kung may nka register po sa inyo na customer,bumili ng snipper motor with a plate number of4547..

RB LONDON TRANSPORT DOCUMENTATION SERVICES was established to respond to your “Car Registration” requirements, and meet expectations on the agreed service level.

Hassle Free LTO Car Registration (door-to-door service and no service charge), TRANSFER OF OWNERSHIP, CHANGE ENGINE, CHANGE COLOR, RELEASE OF CHATTEL MORTGAGE, Lost Release of Chattel of mortgage, Duplicate Plate, Duplicate of lost CR & Lost OR, Commemorative Plate, Special Plate, Vanity Plate and INTERNATIONAL LICENSE.


Guys mr ong is NOT from lto. He was just kind enough to post this info as a BLOGGER. Any questions you have which pertains to your vehicles you can contact nearest lto office in your area. By the way i tried txting yesterday and it still works!

wALa TaLaGang kAkALi-kaLiDad aNg siSTeMa nG SMS sYSTeM vErEFyiNG nG LTO... HinDi mAn LaNg mAiNTaiN To UpDaTe... NaKaKaDiSmAyA TaLaGa... BuLOk sYsTeM...XD

tanong ko lang po kung pwd ko po maverify ung bank kung san nakamortgage ung car sa lto?

I keyed in LTO VEHICLE (plate number) twice, sent it to 2600 and each time I received the following reply:

Pls check the keyword that you sent. Valid keywords are :

ON LOGO --- Love Logos

ON LOGOBEAR --- cute Bear Logos

ON LOGOFUN --- funny Logos

FREE RINGBACKS! Get your favorite Love Radio and YES FM ringback tones absolutely free! Reply w/ the ff:

FREE1 - Nicole Hyala

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Other keywords: Reply with the ff:








I hope LTO can enlighten me on the above reply.

I keyed in the following: LTO VEHICLE (plate number) and sent it to 2600 twice. Each time I received the following reply:

Pls check the keyword that you sent. Valid keywords are :

ON LOGO --- Love Logos

ON LOGOBEAR --- cute Bear Logos

ON LOGOFUN --- funny Logos

FREE RINGBACKS! Get your favorite Love Radio and YES FM ringback tones absolutely free! Reply w/ the ff:

FREE1 - Nicole Hyala

FREE2 - Papa Jack

FREE6 - Tambalan

FREE12 - Sulat

FREE13 - Niyog

Other keywords: Reply with the ff:








I tried it 2x and each time the reply was:

Pls check the keyword that you sent. Valid keywords are :

ON LOGO --- Love Logos

ON LOGOBEAR --- cute Bear Logos

ON LOGOFUN --- funny Logos

FREE RINGBACKS! Get your favorite Love Radio and YES FM ringback tones absolutely free! Reply w/ the ff:

FREE1 - Nicole Hyala

FREE2 - Papa Jack

FREE6 - Tambalan

FREE12 - Sulat

FREE13 - Niyog

Other keywords: Reply with the ff:








Is there somebody who can tell if this service still exist?

Ganyan talaga ang 2600. Better if you try again during office hours. And if you don't receive any reply, try again tomorrow. hehe... gagana din yan. ganyan ginagawa ko madalas. pero kung umabot ka ng 5 araw, tapos wala pa rin... baka wala sa system nila yun information ng plate number mo. Check mo sa LTO, where your car is registered.

And if you wanted to know kung may violation yun auto mo, better to go to LTO East Ave, kung hindi ka makakuha ng reply sa 2600. Libre lang yun pag verify kung may violation. :)

try and try hanggan maubos ang load nyo. hahaha... biro lang

paminsan, offline din yun system nila. It is better if you try the day after today, during office hours. walang kwenta kung tuloy tuloy ang pag text mo.

Paminsan, pinaghihinalaan ko na may operator yan eh. hehe

Sa HPG sa may crame, meron sila matrix kung magkano gagastosin nyo sa change color. you can also ask them for the proper proceedure, bago nyo pachange yun color.

ayan... kano naubos mo? siguro mahigit 500 pesos na nagastos ko sa 2600. pero iba-ibang plaka naman text ko. sa mga kakilala ko...

paminsan ok, paminsan palpak. the best sa office hours ka mag text.

kanya kanyang verify po yan. 2.50 pesos lang. wag tipirin.

most likely... try during office hours.

tama ka jherric. Since last number ng plate mo is 3, then puwede pa rin ikaw gumamit ng motor mo. you are scheduled to renew not later than (mga sinasabi nilang date march 15-21). but walang problema yan...

you just need to register your motor/vehicle before the end of march, meron ka nga penalty sa late registration, but still... wala pa rin fine regarding sa pag huli sayo. just show your receipt, cr and new or to the LTO, para makuha mo ang license mo. Wala kang babayaran... abala lang.

i don't agree. Mas prone to holdap mga ganyan. Name of the owner should be keep confidential. Kung linagay sa text, kung sino-sino na pwede mag check. Patay ka dyan at marami siguradong masamang damo...

sariling opinion ko lang... kanya kanya lang yan...

mabilis pa rin, kung pumunta ka na lang sa LTO. it would take you forever to get reply from LTO. Mabilis kasi sila kumilos... (mabilis mag delete ng mga email na unread) hehehe...

kung may angal ka, dapat right there and then, pinareport mo na sa pulis. walang habol kung nakalipas na.

kung may encumbered na naka lagay, never yan naging clearED. you have to process the cancellation of chattel mortgage.

Pero kung bibilhin mo yan, the best is to ask for certificate of full payment from the bank, kung saan naka encumbered. Call up the bank to verify.

Another is to check kung may Huli/violation yun previous owner, sa east ave LTO, para hindi mapagastos.

Processing cancellation of chattel mortgage is easy, but time consuming. I suggest you to bring magazine, or ipad habang pumipila.

There are certain dox that you have to complete. Itanong mo na lang sa RD, para hindi ako masisi kung kulang yun sabihin ko dito.

Cost is very minimal for RD alone (less than 1,500).
Time of process is around 1 week. Pababalikin ka kasi after one week, dahil yun stamp pad nila, ay unti-unting babasain pa... kaya next week mo pa makukuha yun stamp ng RD.

good luck!

Ask ko lang po kung wala po akong maging problema pag nagtransfer ng ownerhip dahil ang binigay ng motor marketing ay may expiration date ng December 2012 but sa 2013 kopa e transfer sa name ko dahil dito ako abraod which is expire na ang DEAD OF SALE. i hope anybody can clarify my problem.. thanks in advance and God bless.

bk8 po 6 months n wala png plate # ang motor q

kindly verify for me a car that I planning to buy with a plate number LSE 246

wala naman kwenta yang txt na yan nakadalawa na ako ng txt d naman..sorry na sorry ang txt walang kwenta

it is another mudos ng LTO yang txt na yan dapat mga sibakin na yan ni pnoy...walang kwentang txt hotline 24hrs daw bweset

wala namang reply LTO. sayang lang yung load at oras.

hi!.,bkit di ma process ung request ko sa LTO VEHICLE xxxxxx na tinext ko sa 2600?.,

ask ko lng po bkit ang tagal mag release ng plaka ng motor ng lto 7 months ng nkarehistro wala pa din po

How would one go about sending a text to the LTO from the United States? Would you dial the country code, then area code, then 2600 etc? I need to check on a license plate registration, and I'm in California.

sir kindly verify who is the owner having a plate no. IZ 5981 thanks

ask k lang po kong pano makita d2 yong plate # ng isang motor bike pls help thx

ask ko lang po kung pwedeng malaman kung sino ang nag mamay-ari ng isang sasakyan gamit ang plate number?

sir tanong kolang ko naka reg vapo itong plate number ng mio soul 2067TO?

may bago po b safety feature ang mga plates n lumabas 2012.paano malalaman kung original ung plate

ask q lng po kung may naka register po ng plate no.na 4827 US Suzuki smash titan po tnx

good day ask lang po kung pwede i cheeck ung plate number 4544CT make: YIN GANG series: RAMWIND 100 motor cycle po kc baka po may problema sa LTO sabi ng ng nag bebenta nawala ung plate number salamat po

Hi totoo po ba na wala pang available na sticker ang lto nagparehistro ako last feb28 hanggang ngayon wala pa dw


bkit matagal magreply ung s verification ng plate number sa 2600?

I would like to inquire about, nissan california, model 1988, with plate DFM 875, where is the main registry branch of this unit

active pa b ung TXTLTO?, kasi ilan beses ako ng verify then sent to 2600 pero i got no reply

kindly verify for me a car that I planning to buy with a plate number uuv679

ipa verify ko sana ang motorcycle with plate number 2606 PH kung may alarm sa lto o may record

gud pm po.ask ko lng po kc po nahuli po ung car ng sister ko dto sa province nmn second hand po ung car at nabili lng po dito sa car zone..ngaun po naipakita na ang orcr ng car pro hnde p po nrerelease ang car,kc nid p dw po ung documents gling s first owner nito s manila east..pwede po b mlman kng knino dti nkregister ang car without going to mla..thanks

Well said! That certainly proved Canada's stupid foreign policy and the minister shut his wide mouth after hearing all other countries attending the CHOGM. Canada is promoting terrorism to be a close ally to US. This is very wrong and they just want to grab the Tamil votes which are mostly Liberal.

kindly inquire this plate number for we are planning to purchase the car YCV-907. thanks :)

kindly verify for me a motorcycle.plate #1542PA

Geez! Its still working! I just tried it now! Awesome! Thanks for the info. Its very helpful!

pwde ko bang verify d2 itong motor na bibilhin ko?
honda dio1 UD 8083

verify ko lang UD 8083 HONDA DIO

Sir, Mam
hindi po puwedeng ma i release ang licencia ni FERDINAND VILLAS MADELAR may warrant pa hindi pa niya hinaharap sa courte laging nagtatago.bukas po babalik siya sa LTO para makuha ang licencia nya. paki hold lang po

Kindly verify me a car having a plate number WSK195

pa verified po ng or cr kng hinde xa fake..or-591532648 cr-191833393 plate number nya kc no record found plate-9934ta yan poh

Paano malalaman kung kelan dapat magparenew yung car registration. Sana nakaindicate sa reply text nila kung kelan dapat magparenew.

Ask ko lng po pano po malalaman yung plate number? Pag engene number at bady number lng ang ipapakita kasi nawala po yung papeles at plate number ng motor? Tnx
sana po matulungan niyo po ako...

Ask ko lng po pano po malalaman yung plate number? Pag engene number at bady number lng ang ipapakita kasi nawala po yung papeles at plate number ng motor? Tnx
sana po matulungan niyo po ako...

Ask q lng kasi nakakuha ako ng motor na 2nd hand at for registration pah.. ngaun ngaun nakuha q ung plaka nakaraang araw april 23,2015. At ung last digit ng plaka 1 at ang sabi ng kinuhaan q expire na raw ung restro nitu nung january pah, ngaun or,cr lng hawak q at wla rin aq akong papel ng insurance,, tanung q lng kung panu magproces nitu at kung magkanu abot ng bayaran q...

Ask q lng kasi po nakakuha aq ng motor 2handat for registration pa, ngaun nakuha q ung plaka nakaraang araw lng april 23、2015 ngaun ung last didgit ng plaka nagtapos sa 1 at ang sabi sa akin expire na raw ung restro nitu nung january pa ngaun tanung q lng kung paanu magproces nitu at kung magkanu abot ng gastusin q...

Is this applicable to motorcycle plate numbers?

Paano makukuha owner details ng isang sasakyan?

ask ko lang po kung sat or sundays gumagana ba yong machine na to?coz may veniverify akong plate number ng isang motorcycle na gusto kung bilhin!

now i know daming comment dto ng sorry we cannot process ur request!!!!!!!tsktsktsk!

Bakit ang tagal ng release ng registrtion and plate number? Sabi ng LTO one week lang? Ang sabi namn dealer 2 to 3 months or more pa.. ano ba talaga??! Ipit na ako sa sitwasyon nato.....

sirs/madam: i would like to know when to expire my next 3 years registrations: i bought my car november 6, 2013 and was registered November 29, 2013. The plate was given to me is ending 22 with a 3 digit plate. the expiry date would it be February 2016 or 2017. A three year period availed of and paid MVUC 7,040.00. please let me know

My dog was hit and killed by a small truck. Plate number NDU 727. I input this and it came back 'no record found'?

Pwede po b ipacheck ang plate number n ZPB 610 kung wanted or naka alarm po........

Office hours? meaning monday-friday lang?

curious lang po,what will i do if i've loss my plate number and accidentally loss also my O.R. and C.R. can i search thru the net to find my plate number by typing my chassis and engine number?

Mga sir di naristered pa ang wheels year 2015 but registered 2014, nawala kailan lang ung resibo ng 2014, saan makakuha ng copy at approx magkano ang registration na dapat bayaran, may ang registration month, ty

What does it mean of yhe reply is "No Record Found"

ano ibig sabihin ng "has LTO alarm"? salamat sa makakasagot

What if i want to know the name of owner in the plate number?

good am sir mam, balak ko pong bilhin yung mc na nakajunk na no papers at plate number pano ko po malaman kung ano palate number at kung puede pa iparehistro yung mc

Tanong lang po sa LTO pa check gusto ko malaman kong may kaso ba itong motor ito ang plate number:9560 VI

Paano malalaman pag x taxi ang fx

question lang po... magkano po ang bayad pagpapalitan ang plate number ng isang sasakyan? pano po ang processing magpapalit ng plate number...? thank you po...

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