Monday, November 16, 2009

MI ADIDAS: Customize your own shoes!

Doesn't it create excitement when you hear that something you love to wear can be customized to fit your personality and style? ADIDAS, the world’s leading sporting and lifestyle apparel company, is once again pioneering innovation through their Mi Adidas campaign.

What is Mi Adidas?

You can design your own Adidas shoes with various models to choose from - Predator PS, Barricade 5, Pro Model Team color, adizero ACE, Microbounce, TS Bounce Commander, BTB LT, and the TS Lightning Creator.

Through the use of the Mi Adidas software, it will guide you through the customization process, allowing you to design your shoes according to your preferences and even allowing you to add your name on it. When you're done with the customization, you have to wait for 21 days of processing, since the shoes will be coming from Singapore.

Where to avail and How much?
Available at the Adidas flagship store in Greenbelt 3, Ayala Center, Makati City. Each customized pair's price starts at Php7,000 and may go to or above Php9,000, depending on the type of shoes you're getting. The prices are approximately Php2,000 more than the regular pair of shoes.

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Worldwide, Mi Adidas is available is California, New York, and Chicago for the price of $150 and up. To know more about Mi Adidas, visit You can also try customizing your shoes here before going to a Mi Adidas store near you.


dios mio! 9k??? ndi ba medyo overpriced??

Indeed expensive, but I guess that's what you pay for quality, brand, and being custom-made.

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