Saturday, September 19, 2009

UNO's Online Presence

Don't know what UNO is? Let me quote directly from their website:
UNO is a monthly magazine for the discerning man (and woman). There are features on women we admire, occurrences worth covering, art forms we appreciate, objects that inspire acquisitiveness, and ideas that deserve attention, among other things.
You have to agree with me on this: UNO made the right choice of coming up with a brand new team that started the magazine's revamp last June 2009. Having two of my most followed personalities in terms of writing, blogging, and technology - RJ Ledesma (EIC) and Jayvee Fernandez (Tech Editor) - the magazine's online presence greatly increased. I'm not saying it's all because of the two them, of course it takes a group effort to come up with something extraordinary. Together with RJ and Jayvee are Yvette Tan, Luis Katigbak (who is my org mate's brother), Juan Caguicla, Erwin Romulo, Ramon De Veyra, and Shawn Yao.

Since the new team took their positions, they have widely promoted the magazine through various launch parties, link exchanges, video features, and social network posts. In fact, now that they have reached more than 1,000 fans, the team is cooking a surprise that's coming in October. Watch out by being fan of their Facebook page!

Meanwhile, I was shocked to see the September issue cover of UNO. Guess who???

Oh yes, it's Bianca Gonzales! Whew! I never thought she'd post like that in any magazine ever! I admire this girl for being a great host, an intelligent person, and an ambassador of women empowerment. Isn't she just lovely?


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